Virgo Ascendant. Picture by Adriel Kloppenburg on Unsplash.

Virgo Ascendant Explained

As a Virgo rising, you’re ruled by Mercury: you interact with the world around you through your sharp and selective intellect, which makes you discriminating of the company you keep and of the stimuli you receive.

Mostly reserved and discreet, you can be very talkative and quick-witted when you feel comfortable in your surroundings, but you may need to warm up to novelty first, to feel your way around new environments, to understand your place in them.

While you might be well pulled together in appearance, you have an aura of decorum and simplicity about your style. You’re charming, but in your own soft, gentle way.

As Mercurial as it is, Virgo is, however, an Earth sign: you strive to put your mental acumen to good use in ways that are practical, useful and helpful. You’re preoccupied with accuracy, inclined towards precision and very particular about the way you act, interact and communicate. Too, you may be especially body-aware, sensitive to discomfort, and very alert to your health; in particular mode, your digestive process can become affected by ruminating, negative emotions. Your experience of the mental can be strongly tied to the physical.

Your critical, detail-oriented intellect can bring excessive worry and pickiness, but on the positive side, you learn quickly, and catch the smallest details others may miss.

Normally, you like to keep yourself busy:  productiveness is the channel through which you actualize your purpose in the world, and you can get upset or experience an inner lack of balance if you feel unproductive, or worse, useless. In fact, the purposeful personality often brings Virgos and Virgo Rising people to attract, or to feel attracted by, people or situations that need their help and can benefit from their industriousness. You may also be very dexterous, and possibly fond of manual activities like baking, decorating, art restoration and crafting artistic items.

You’re smart and fair-minded, and you’re always striving to improve yourself; the shadow side of this tendency is self-criticism and inferiority complexes, and excessive recrimination on your part might undermine your nervous system. This is why outlets for your mental energy and nervous tensions are extremely important for someone like you.

You feel at peace with yourself when you sense that your efforts are genuinely acknowledged and appreciated. You’re sincerely interested in contributing to people’s well-being and put your practicality and willingness at others’ service: you’re very likely to be an affectionate, caring lover, friend, co-worker and spouse.

You’re very attentive to the image you project on the outside; your discretion and attentiveness might lead you to try to control outcomes and reactions. You’re never coarse or crude in personality, and rarely appreciate this trait in others.

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Photo by Adriel Kloppenburg on Unsplash.

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