Venus enters Virgo. Picture by Eugene Golovesov on Pexels

Venus enters Virgo, October 2, 2020 — Sacred

Tread softly, as you approach the mystery that is Venus in Virgo. Undress, cleanse and anoint yourself. Wrap your naked limbs in fresh, pristine fabric. Come clean, come cleared out, so you can bear witness of her mystery. Make yourself so small that your presence itself turns into modest, humble and humbling prayer. Venus falls in Virgo, but only for the uninitiated. Venus in Virgo is only imponderable to the untrained eye. Venus in Virgo is only  frigid and demure to those who think of pleasure as ephemeral — something to chew and spit out. But dare to be loved by Venus in Virgo, and she will set every inch of your body on fire as if you were a sacrificial offering.

Virgo is the officiant that turns every breath into a sacred ritual. Reverence and discernment come before pleasure. Pleasure itself is a form of worship, a whispery crescendo of intimations and dexterous motion: if Virgo was a temple, it would be Mercury’s labyrinthine shrine. Venus is anything but lost here. But neither does she hand herself to every seeker.

As Venus enters Virgo, on October 2nd, 2020, sacralising pleasure and making our rituals pleasurable as an antidote to the anti-structure of the current astrology — and the astrology of this month, in particular — can help us staying grounded, embodied. Holding our wholeness. No part of you is too profane to be undeserving of sacred, devotional love. We are the whole temple. We ourselves are the ritual, and the magic, and the pure eroticism of aliveness. Self-possessed like the Earth maiden. Saved and absolved. Chosen and adored. Virginal as in true and pure, beyond all dichotomies of sin and virtue, good and evil.

How would you give of yourself and give to yourself if you were deeply aware of the innate godliness of every cellular activity and vital function of your body? How would your capacity for pleasure, your relational understanding of the self, change and shift, after communing with your innermost hearth? If you were deeply aware, down to your very marrow, that your very core is purity, and that it deserves to be handled by clean, deferential hands?

Venus exits Virgo for Libra, sign of her domicile, on October 27th.

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Picture by Eugene Golovesov on Pexels.

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