Venus stations Direct. Foto di Flora Westbrook da Pexels.

Venus stations Direct, June 25, 2020 — Lost & Found

Whatever Venus does, she does it gracefully. Whether it’s attracting the most luscious pleasures life has to offer, or turning away to the Underworld to shed her ornaments and find that very same pleasure and nourishment in deeper, unfathomable places.

Venus stations direct on June 25, at 5°20 Gemini. It’s a time for contemplating what the Goddess of Pleasure lightly took away with her in the Great Below, and how that void was immediately filled.  In many ways, Venus’ Retrograde station on May 13 feels like an eternity ago. So many things we took for granted — our voice and how to use it, our values and the role they inform our language, what we communicate about our person through our mere presence and visibility when we say nothing at all — are forever changed.

We’ve been to the Underworld, where we have likely probed the deep underlying patterns informing some habits, connections and beliefs about human relationships that no longer serve us. Like compromising what we stand for, for the sake of a perfectly polished public persona. Sacrificing our birthright to pleasure and fulfillment because toxic capitalism requires us to perform productivity at all times. Hating our bodies because they don’t conform to standards of attractiveness that are mostly rooted in antiblackness and fatphobia. Centering ourselves in any conversation that is not about our lived experience. Or, on the contrary, being silent out of fear that our voice will be dismissed.

As Venus stations Direct, it’s time to move forward with what we have learned and cultivate a new relational self and a new relationship with our sometimes dual, sometimes fragmented Self.

Venus will dwell in the post-Retrograde shadow zone until July 29th, when we can expect all Venus-related issues to achieve more clarity and stability.

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Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.

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