Image by Daisa TJ via Pexels. Venus enters Scorpio.

Venus enters Scorpio, November 21, 2020 — Underwater Love

To find connectedness and forge healing, unwavering bonds in the presence of everything that stands in the way of unification. To probe the dense shadow that enshrouds our hearts and find there traces of the love we yearn for. To love fiercely and show love with no remorses — in the presence of sheer vulnerability, holding weapons of destruction in one hand, our throbbing heart in the other, choosing to letting the Other in.

Venus enters Scorpio on November 21, complicating love, rousing love, adding depth and breadth to love — the depth of our desire for radical intimacy, the breadth of the barriers we have put up against that very experience.

Rubbing our sore spots, seducing us into self-protection, triggering our defensiveness, making it an imperative to withstand the shrinking of our hearts, Venus in Scorpio is here to rescue us. To awaken us to the reality that we’re not broken. The darkness we carry within is the same darkness that lurks in the remote corners of every human heart. The darkness we carry within doesn’t make us any less worthy of love. And it doesn’t make us any more worthy of being on the receiving end of toxic, abusive behaviours than any other sentient being.

Venus in Scorpio is here to shatter binaries and dichotomies. To dismantle the myth that we’re only lovable as long as we say yes to others and no to ourselves, or the maladaptive notion that being safe and feeling safe to others is all about how much we can take. Venus in Scorpio is deeply, unapologetically counter-cultural. In a Mars-ruled sign, Venus opens our eyes to the reality that love can take many non-Venusian forms, including the refusal to turn the other cheek if doing so would mean breaking our own heart and loving ourselves a little less. Including saying yes to messy authenticity and no to performance.

As Venus enters Scorpio, we’re asked to reimagine connectedness, dissect it, sew the ends of its spectrum back together, darkness and light, wholeness and contradiction, power and frailty, accountability and catharsis. We’re asked to bear witness to our love-starved sides and to the hunger that is trapped within. To acknowledge where and how we push existing relationships to the limits, where and how we immolate pleasure on the altar of self-possession. A twisted journey through labyrinthine underwater depths, and a self-investigation that will demand nothing less than unhinged emotional honesty.

Venus will leave Scorpio for Sagittarius on December 15.

Image by Daisa TJ on Pexels.

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