Venus enters Pisces, January 13, 2020 — Spiritual Love

Pisces is a land — or perhaps, we could say, an ocean — of paradox. It’s the last sign of the Zodiac, the one that encompasses every experience, every nuance, every emotion of the previous eleven signs. It’s a liminal space, the boundless sea that welcomes every river. It’s everything, to everybody. It enfolds, elevates, dissolves. It’s bliss and oblivion. It’s an immersive experience that, perhaps, our very Soul aches for, especially when everything else fails us.

The year 2020, and the whole decade, got off to an abrasive, impactful start: the Capricorn stellium, a Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, even Uranus stationing direct. We all have seen, heard, felt and experienced a broad array of things that left us shaken to our very core. We have faced ghost, threats, struggles, losses; we have still come out of it all alive and victorious and with clearer goals and directions in mind, but it’s only understandable to worry about the costs and the price we’ve had to pay for that.

It’s only understandable to yearn for comfort, hope and a sprinkle of wonder at this time. The reassurance that our very own magick, our compassion, our heart and our empathy can’t be taken away from us. And while Mars’ transit of Sagittarius is playing his part in lifting up our Spirits, I think it’s Venus in Pisces that will really do the trick.

Turned-siren Venus dips into the cosmic lagoon of Pisces on January 13, to uncover the spiritual and emotional treasures that lurk within the depths of this mesmeric sign. Love can be our saving grace. The balm on our wounds. The nectar of ecstasy. We can close our eyes on the world for a moment and remind ourselves that we have one another, and that, sometimes, that’s everything we need to feel human and alive.

There is no such thing as “boundaries” in the realm of the fishes. Piscean love is for everybody. We are never too broken or flawed to access that all-encompassing brand of cosmic love, nor to love and give freely. That of restoring our own faith in humanity is a process that can begin with us, and with our willingness to love, still. In spite of everything. Because there is enough love for everybody. Love doesn’t begin or end. We just need to be willing to crack ourselves open and become vessels for it.

I’m aware that most astrologers at this point will wonder how comes I’m not warning you against the infamous, dysfunctional expressions of Piscean energy, so here is the mandatory disclaimer: Venus in Pisces might make us prone to lapses of judgment, glossing over the red flags in new relationship and victim/saviour dynamics. Especially when there is not a massive stellium of five planets — plus the South Node in Capricorn — keeping us firmly anchored to the earth.

Basically, the chances to find ourselves lost at sea with all of this grounding, practical Capricorn energy in the skies are exceptionally low, so we might as well allow ourselves to be inspired and comforted as Venus enters Pisces. Perhaps, right now, what we truly need is to love with no boundaries, no judgment and no regrets, to find solace in our dreams, to envision something blissful and pure, knowing that, for the first time in our lives, we have the power to translate dreams into goals, goals into plans, and plans into reality.

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