Venus enters Leo. Picture by Luis Ruiz on Pexels.

Venus enters Leo, September 6, 2020 — Heart

Today, September 6, 2020, Venus enters Leo, the domain of the Sun, sliding into the spotlight and adorning herself with the gilded rays of the daytime luminary.

There is no hiding from the eye of the Sun. To be illuminated means to be visible. And visibility, with Venus dancing her way through Leo, is like a magic formula, an incantation that can re-energize our relationships and, most importantly, reignite our zest for life in a time when many of us are reaching out for hope and warmth.

With Venus transiting the sign of royalty and luster, we’re encouraged to find that source of heat and luminescence within us and in everything and everyone we love. Love itself is radiance. It’s an act of creation. For Venus in Leo, Love is also about adorning, elevating and uplifting who or what we love, and ourselves, because, contrarily to what a certain mainstream, self-help-ish line of thought would want us to believe, the whole “you cannot expect to be loved if you don’t love yourself first” trope is complete and utter bullshit. Being visible is the antidote. Allowing ourselves to be seen is what draws love in like moth to a flame. And by allowing ourselves to be seen, we contribute to creating a world where everyone is celebrated.

So give yourself and all the starving parts of you the royal treatment during this transit. Pour your heart in what you do and grant others the privilege to bask in its glow. Cover yourself in stardust and make a big deal of what makes you unique — regardless of society’s standards of beauty and value, regardless of your social capital.

During her transit through Leo, Venus will form a trine to Chiron in Aries and a square to Uranus in Taurus, drawing our attention to where we’ve been underappreciated, to the quirks we’ve had to repress, to the scars and the cracks and the cuts, and asking us to embrace it all. As long as we break ourselves to fit in and to be more congenial and palatable, we’ll only receive a kind of love that is equally marred, incomplete, lacking — not even remotely close to the loud, vibrant adoration that could fill us up and that we deserve.

Stop toning down your colors or giving yourself away. Step into the light.

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Picture by Luis Ruiz on Pexels.

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