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Venus enters Capricorn, November 26, 2019 – New Geometry

Venus in Capricorn - Photo by Mika on Unsplash

There is Beauty in stillness. There is fascination in firmness, and there is (self-)love in boundaries. Venus enters the sign of Capricorn on November 26, infusing relationships and social connection with a sobering air of rigour, foresight and responsibility.

After the euphoric high of Venus’ transit through Sagittarius, the Goddess of Love’s entrance in the pragmatic sign of the goat will have the effect of bringing us down to earth and place our feet firmly on the ground.

With Mercury and Neptune stationing direct, and Mars entering the sign of Scorpio, the second half of November is all about lucidity and realizations. The ingress of Venus in Capricorn ties in with this climate of newfound clearness, encouraging us to take a matter-of-fact stance on romance, friendship and business partnerships.

With Venus fluttering through buoyant Sagittarius, Mercury backtracking through Scorpio and Mars fence-sitting in Libra, we’ve likely seen it all: trustworthy companions and energy sinks, straightforwardness and ambivalence, accountability and inconsistency. Venus in Capricorn will make it crystal clear that the people we surround ourselves with are a reflection of our beliefs, goals and self-respect — or lack thereof — and prompt us to act accordingly, working on healthier boundaries and implementing our standards.

A quote by Edmund Lee reads “You must surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers”. With Venus transiting Capricorn, the value of relationships built on shared goals, mutual respect, integrity and accountability becomes obvious; proven that we have put in the effort to be better friends, lovers and partners, we can allow ourselves to stop settling for less than we deserve: gaslighting, unreciprocated emotional labour, opportunism, passive-aggressive behaviours, non-committal attitudes, negativity.

It’s all about recognizing our worth and protecting our energy. “No” is always a complete sentence, sometimes even an act of self-care, a form of self-love.

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Photo by Mika on Unsplash (detail).


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    My natal sun and Mercury are in Sag, so things have been good. And I’m looking forward to Venus in Capricorn where my natal 11th house Venus resides at 13 degrees. Finally a conjunction from a friendly, comfortable planet. Pluto and Saturn have been growth inducing, but at times exhausting.

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      Linda, I hear you. You totally deserve the Venusian blessing coming your way!


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