Venus enters Capricorn. Image by Daniel Frank on Pexels.

Venus enters Capricorn, January 8, 2021 — Walls

There is nuance, and aliveness, to Capricorn as much as in any other sign of the Zodiac.

In the Northern Emisphere, Capricorn coincides with the initiation into the mysteries and self-containment of Winter, a season during which boundaries are not merely an abstraction or a word that we use to describe our experience with negotiating consent, or to compartmentalize reality. As temperatures decrease, discernment, restrictions and barriers preserve that which must survive, separating it from the enchantingly dreary spectacle of Nature unadorned.

Venus entered Capricorn today, joining the Sun, Pluto and a growing assembly of planets in Saturn-ruled signs (right now, as we speak, Aquarius is hosting Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter in this order). The ways in which our connections and our ability to experience pleasure and abundance can benefit from preserving, containing and solidifying are countless. Being clear and honest with ourselves and others about what we expect and require. About what we will and won’t accept. About how people can show up for us. About the way we can show up for others. About our present mental and emotional bandwidth for doing so. Being intentional about relatedness in a way that is accepting of ours and other people’s limitations and at the same time allows us to question our learned helplessness creates space for people to be themselves, which includes us.

Most of all, Venus in Capricorn invites us to create containers where love, safety and compassion can be experienced. To protect what we love — even if and especially when what we love is unseen. To patiently gestate, incubate, prioritize the connections and desires that we wish to make tangible, so that one day they might carry us.

If you want to know more about Venus entering Capricorn and what it means for you or about any other transit you’re experiencing at the moment, my books are open!  

Picture by Daniel Frank on Pexels.

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