Venus enters Aquarius. Picture by Fiona Art on Pexels.

Venus enters Aquarius, February 1, 2021 — Heavy Focus

All starlit roads (nearly all of them, at least) lead to Aquarius now. The path to pleasure, interconnectedness and Beauty has begun winding and twisting across the brisk, barren lands of Saturn; today, Venus has entered the sign of the Water Bearer, joining a seemingly ever-growing congregation of planets. The house in our chart that contains Aquarius keeps upgrading, one torn veil after another. It’s like the epicentre of an earthquake. Where everything ends and begins.

Venus, seafoam-born Queen who revels in laughter and all things luscious, brings an airy touch of delicacy to this area. The gentle, fleeing kiss of a lesser benefic. It’s about to get slightly more comfy on the fringes, beyond all set definitions of what is palatable or desirable, or destined for success. But the liminal space between now and the future is crowded, too — we’re all dwelling in the land of in-between, finding our bearings and adjusting to the new normal, whatever it means (personally, I’m still trying to figure it out). The detached coolness of Saturn informs Venus’ transit of Aquarius, encouraging us to step back, relativize self-driven desire, rethink attraction, repurpose beauty, share and redistribute goodness, co-create new meanings.  Saturn in Aquarius has us all bound like one, and Venus, a Goddess in her own right, can’t but comply.

Venus in Aquarius might have us reconsidering our cravings, yearnings and inclinations in the grand scheme of things and in relation to what our communities need from us right now. Independence as well as interdependence, alignment and alienation, all the Venusian lemmas in our vocabulary, all the declinations of relatedness we took for granted, all the words and gestures in our love language. It’s not really about us ourselves anymore. It’s about the map we’re redesigning, the social environment we’re recreating, the new rules, the baby steps, the quantum leaps and the epiphanies. To love, now, is to create spatio-temporal references for one another out of thin, frigid air.

Venus will leave Aquarius for Pisces on February 25, 2021.

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Picture by Fiona Art on Pexels.

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