Uranus stations Retrograde. Picture by Ian Beckley on Pexels.

Uranus stations Retrograde, August 15, 2020 — Slow down the Wind (Up)

If numbness is taking over. If history feels out of your hands. If you feel dazed and mystified by the unrelenting news cycle or drained and on the verge of burnout, or if compassion fatigue is taking over,  then, just like Uranus — planet of activism, disruption and civil disobedience, which has stationed Retrograde today at 10°41 Taurus — you might want to step back and upgrade your own personal Revolution protocol.

It has been said that Revolution is a sprint — not a marathon. This is because Revolution is not a single event. It’s not a contest. Revolution is an extended period of time, it’s our routines being dislocated time and again and a spiral and a wave that comes and goes. It’s a process. It requires passionate advocacy as well as gentle resistance. Coping strategies. Rest and unrest. It’s written all over the chart of today’s station — a mellow, voluptuous, applying sextile from the Moon/Venus conjunction in Cancer. That’s our homebase. Our safe space. The place where we can lay all turmoil to rest and allow our roots to be watered.

Let this moment shock you into a re-evaluation of the ways in which you’ve been advocating for change. Of your very role and your very lane in the twisting and turning road that is taking us towards the future. As Uranus stations Retrograde, free yourself from the pressure of expectation and the vapid recompense of virtue signalling. What would you do for the Revolution if no one was watching you? If optics weren’t an option? If you knew deep inside yourself that letting go of doing everything and loving yourself radically are revolutionary practices, too?

Uranus stations direct on January 18, 2021, at 6°43 Taurus.

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Picture by Ian Beckley on Pexels.

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