Image by Andre Moura on Pexels. Uranus stations direct.

Uranus stations Direct, January 14, 2021 — Little Earthquakes

The sky is a tangle of opposing forces today, January 14, 2021. It feels like pressure ridges and tensile cracks on an ice sheet. It feels like friction between neighbouring particles. Like the readiness, and the urgency, to allow the load to break through and break us open.

Uranus stationed direct at 6°43 Taurus, the epicentre of a whirlwind of planetary tensions; not only is the Great Awakener completing the Retrograde cycle started in August, 2020: the planet of unrest and insubordination is also involved in a heedless square with growth-oriented Jupiter, and Mars in Taurus is arm wrestling with Saturn while inching closer to Uranus itself. Overall, this looks and feels like one of those major, unsolvable problems in physics. A cosmological paradox. A spacetime singularity.

Uranus’ direct station is (or, rather, would be) a trigger for the release of built-up tension, a radical call to stop contemplating the revolution and start anchoring it in the world. It wants to abruptly unlock all of the ‘next steps’ we have been putting on hold, and to leave the past in the rearview mirror. Saturn’s agenda, however, couldn’t be more different; it’s worth noting that the Saturn/Uranus square is one of the astrological signatures of 2021 (I’ll write a detailed post about it soon). New ways of approaching old habits and quandaries do not magically erase consequences and after-effects. Not with outdated structures still in place. We’re seeing this in the world at large, and quite possibly in our lives, too.

The tension between the two cosmic heavyweights will peak thrice throughout the course of the year; what we’re seeing and experiencing now is a prelude to this overarching theme. Past and future, rigour and disruption, consequence and restoration, answerability and rejection, gridlocked and entwined. And just like with phenomena that challenge our standard models, there is no quick fix to get through this. No shortcut. No magical truism that will pacify our voracious, desperate hunger for answers and results.

I’m aware of the irony in denouncing truisms a moment before stating the obvious, but still: this is a time for presence, and for the present as the liminal, fecund place where reckoning with the past meets alignment with the future — putting one foot in front of the other while empirically and critically questioning every step. Subversion, but slow, deliberate, meticulous. Delayed, but not denied. A string of tiny earthquakes.

Picture by Andre Moura on Pexels.

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