Uranus stations Direct, January 11, 2020 — Where is the Future?

To paraphrase Dane Rudhyar, astrology’s eloquence is part of its timeless, undeniable beauty: once we become acquainted with its language, the sky does speak to us. Take, for instance, Uranus’ direct station, occurring on January 11, at 2°39 Taurus, on the heels of the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in Cancer, and barely a few hours ahead of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn becoming exact.

Uranus, the innovator, the awakener, the outcast, has been wandering in reverse along the green pastures of Taurus since early August 2019; during this time, change was something that happened first and foremost within us, rather than to us — in glimpses, flashes, with a quiet electric resonance that seeped into our consciousness day after day.

It comes a time, however, when the change has to happen through us. Ready or not, the time is near, and that time coincides with what will most certainly be remembered as one of the most powerful alignments of the decade, and with the Eclipse season’s grand finale.

There is a beautiful, self-explanatory clarity to these events happening back to back. The closure brought by the Eclipse. The non-negotiable truth uncovered by the Saturn/Pluto alignment. And Uranus going direct, which suggests that, far from undermining us, the upheaval, the endings and the emotional pinnacles we have been dealing with are surging us forward, triggering our freedom urges and propelling us towards the future.

Going back to life as we knew it, pre-Eclipse, pre-Saturn/Pluto conjunction is, simply, not an option. As Uranus stations direct, we’re leaving behind the narratives and framework our life and persona have been fitting into up to this point, the compliance with structures, rules and commitments that were not serving our highest good nor humanity’s, outdated and misleading ideas of freedom that were merely captivity in disguise. We’re choosing what lies ahead.

Innocence has been lost, but hope is still ours for the claiming.

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Picture by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

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