Jimi Hendrix. Sun in Sagittarius.

Sun in Sagittarius Astrology: Personality of the Sagittarius Sun Sign

Disclaimer: your Sun sign is only a fraction of the complex system of planetary placements and interrelations that is your nativity. In fact, I would advise against considering your birth chart itself as a mere representation of your psyche and encourage you to start seeing it as a map of the multiple ways in which selfhood and experience intersect. If you want to know more about this subject, you can schedule a reading with me.

Sagittarius’s symbol consists in a hybrid figure, portraying a half man/half horse being: this duality represents the struggle to integrate the most primal sides of our animal natures with our higher mind, a process that, ultimately, yields the expansion of our awareness.

Sagittarius is, first and foremost, a sign concerned with breadth of vision — and the wisdom that comes with it. Its ruling planet is Jupiter, which rules both things. You are, therefore, an adventurer at heart, not content with limiting yourself to your immediate surroundings, but rather eager to expand your range beyond the familiar — intellectually, spiritually and geographically. You are likely to have a penchant for mind-expanding experiences, for all that is deemed strange, unusual, because you crave to understand the world you live in, its inhabitants, their morals.

Morality is, indeed, your existential barycenter; you’re constantly motivated by the search for perspective, and for an underlying belief system that can make your life meaningful and help you making sense of existence; this search takes you places most people can only imagine. You’re an avid learner and an enthusiastic student in the school of life, but you’re not content with keeping your knowledge to yourself: you feel fulfilled when contributing to the collective advancement of humanity by sharing the fruits of your experience and serving as an example.

You may even consider it a duty to improve other people’s lives by divulgating and passing down your reality-based knowledge; this is a mindset that can often conceal the shadow side of Sagittarian energy, consisting in intellectual despotism and one-eyed zealotry; you can become so convinced of your own beliefs, that you feel compelled to force your own truth onto others. However, such behaviours are often motivated by the best intentions, as your proactive attitude towards life may convince you that every gesture and every change of mindset, no matter how small, can change and improve the world, and that we can be primary agents of progress and transformation if we make the most of our qualities. Every effort to awake people to a higher life philosophy is motivated by a certain spirit of generosity and open heart on your behalf.

You’re a deep thinker, either drawn towards formal academic education, or in soaking up every bit of information from daily life and experiences, or both things. Easygoing and convivial, your sense of humour and “can-do” attitude make you easy to like and a joy to be around. While you nourish your Higher Mind with food for thought, education and large-scale thoughts, your instinctive nature may, on the other hand, find fulfilment in sports, outdoor activities, and travelling.

You’re a freedom-loving individual, always on the go, and can’t stand being fenced in. Your humanitarian spirit of divulgation might find an outlet through writing, publishing, teaching or public speaking.

Pictured: Jimi Hendrix, Sagittarius.

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