John Frusciante photographed by Sarah Sitkin. Sun in Pisces.

Sun in Pisces Astrology: Personality of the Pisces Sun Sign

Disclaimer: your Sun sign is only a fraction of the complex system of planetary placements and interrelations that is your nativity. In fact, I would advise against considering your birth chart itself as a mere representation of your psyche and encourage you to start seeing it as a map of the multiple ways in which selfhood and experience intersect. If you want to know more about this subject, you can schedule a reading with me.

 Your individual consciousness is infused with the watery, cosmic essence of the sign of Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac. Traditionally, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, a planet that symbolizes growth but also faith and belief: this sign is renowned for its natural ability to surrender to the flow of life and trust the currents.

On a personal level, this often manifests as a peculiar understanding of how boundaries work. As a double-bodied sign, Pisces feels compelled to expand in a myriad of different directions, to permeate and be permeated, which makes it hard to maintain a firm, ego-based identity. Your understanding of life and the world is deeply rooted in empathy and relatedness; putting yourself in other people’s shoes comes easy to you, often to the point of struggling with understanding where you end and others begin.

A compassionate, imaginative Soul, you can effortlessly relate to people from all walks of life. This predominant trait of your personality is both a blessing and a curse, as you unavoidably take on other people’s problems, picking up their thoughts and energies, until their pain becomes yours. Just like Jupiter, your ruling planet, your sensitivity knows no bounds, and the Jovial, optimistic streak to your personality might sometimes prompt you to place your trust in the hand of people whose intentions are questionable.

At the same time, your heavily mutable nature might sometimes manifest as flaky, inconsistent, wishy-washy behaviours that are commonly recognized as the “shadow sides” of Piscean energy, along with self-victimization, self-pity and a tendency to cast yourself in the role of the martyr. Too, you might occasionally feel directionless, unable to figure out what direction to take, lost and stranded, yet you’re never stuck. At times, it might just be that you find it hard to convince yourself that you belong to this world, one which makes you easily overwhelmed; decision-making can therefore become quite the difficult task, especially because Pisces, being the last sign of the Zodiac, incorporates a kernel of consciousness from all of the other signs, and your ability to see the “big picture” makes it hard for you to stick with a single choice when you can grasp the pros and cons of all of them.

You’re attuned to subtle dimensions, and drawn towards all that is blissful, artistic and nourishing. Too, you might consciously or unconsciously believe that it’s your responsibility to heal and soothe the Soul of everyone you meet. Pouring yourself onto others constantly and ceaselessly can easily drain your mental and emotional resources, so you also need plenty of alone time to recharge your batteries and replenish your energies.

You’re likely to be extraordinarily creative, because of your penchant for accessing resources of inspiration that are commonly unbeknownst to others. You’re a dreamer and an idealist, and the Art you make tends to mirror these traits of yours. You can be incredibly successful at expressing yourself, because you’re able to convey into Art all the subtle nuances of feelings and perceptions that only people with an exquisite sensitivity like you can grasp.

You’re also incredibly intuitive, if not downright psychic, and preoccupied with being fair and compassionate to all. Fighting is not something you enjoy, and you will do anything to avoid direct confrontation; more than anything, you desire a world where the same endless comprehension and understanding you’re able to offer reign supreme. Arrogant, aggressive attitudes make you upset, especially when they’re directed towards weaker, defenseless human or nonhuman beings.

Your good-natured heart and friendly attitude is endearing to people, because individuals don’t feel threatened or judged in your presence. You make a great listener, a precious friend and a considerate partner who is always sensitive to the needs of your beloved.

Pictured: John Frusciante, Sun in Pisces. Photo by Sarah Sitkin.

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