Sun in Libra. Pj Harvey.

Sun in Libra Astrology: Personality of the Libra Sun Sign

Disclaimer: your Sun sign is only a fraction of the complex system of planetary placements and interrelations that is your nativity. In fact, I would advise against considering your birth chart itself as a mere representation of your psyche and encourage you to start seeing it as a map of the multiple ways in which selfhood and experience intersect. If you want to know more about this subject, you can schedule a reading with me.

Having the Sun in Libra implies constantly experiencing yourself through otherness; we could say that learning about the Self through relationship dynamics is your most important life task. This is the reason why Libras are so naturally drawn towards romantic relationships and why they instinctually weigh every side of a possible situation before making a decision or formulating an opinion — which they don’t often do, precisely because they’re too aware of the grey areas revealed by an all-encompassing standpoint.

Libra is also a Venus-ruled sign; this means that harmony, balance, and idealism are your keynotes. Since you’re effortlessly able to see the other’s perspective, you naturally developed kind manners and a fair way of relating to people that is the result of your reflections over treating others the way you wish to be treated. Tactful and diplomatic, you are always willing to meet the other person half way. Fairness and equality are extremely important to you, and extremisms of any sorts not only feel unbalanced to you, but also intellectually smothering – with Libra being an Air sign, you have the natural need to feed your intellect.

Having a Venus-ruled Sun also means you feel especially energized when involved in healthy romantic partnerships, but, in general, your self-image and overall energy levels are extremely affected by the quality of your most important relationships.

You make a considerate, thoughtful friend and/or lover, and people appreciate being around you because of your stimulating quality, your kindness and your social awareness. You also have a marked need for
beautiful surroundings and a natural sense of grace.

A justice-oriented idealist at heart, you abhor violence, cruelty, ignorance, egocentrism and coarseness. However, this trait can potentially become your downfall when used as an avoidance tactic: for instance, you may gloss over an unpleasant truth, out of fear that the other person might be hurt by your words and sincerity, which brings you to act out of alignment with your will and your true values.

Libra is also often criticized for its wavering ways, and a preoccupation for appearing blameless and neutral in order to avoid conflict: with your Sun in Libra, it’s crucial for you to always keep in touch with your actual motives and to overcome the constant need to meet others’ approval by compulsively making up for lack, denying your own needs; rather than constantly mirroring the other, you should seek ways to define yourself through the experience of duality and tension between opposites, and accepting conflict and disharmony as integral parts of life.

Pictured: PJ Harvey, Sun in Libra. Photographer unknown; if this is your photo and you want it removed, please e-mail me and I’ll take it down.

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