Robert Plant, Sun in Leo.

Sun in Leo Astrology: Personality of the Leo Sun Sign

Disclaimer: your Sun sign is only a fraction of the complex system of planetary placements and interrelations that is your nativity. In fact, I would advise against considering your birth chart itself as a mere representation of your psyche and encourage you to start seeing it as a map of the multiple ways in which selfhood and experience intersect. If you want to know more about this subject, you can schedule a reading with me.

Leo is home to the Sun. Just like the Sun is the Heart of our Solar System, our Heart is the energetical center of our body, and both are associated with the sign of Leo.

This is why, at the very core of your being, you are pure life: ardent and radiant, born to shine, and to shine a light on those you love, to whom you are endlessly loyal. Your passions, emotions and affections are strong, deep-seated and fixed as the sign itself, and you demonstrate them in explicit, unmistakable ways — statements, gifts, grand gestures. Knowing yourself, believing yourself and showing up as yourself is basically the core of your life’s purpose; this means that you are generally confident, unafraid to take up space, and tend to center yourself in most situations — or, at the very least, working diligently to achieve such result.

For this reason, you value dignity and self-respect: regal and proud, you don’t normally like to show your weakness, being disrespected or proven wrong. You do, however, thrive on praise and consideration; taken to excess, this manifests as a ceaseless search for praise and attention in many Leo natives, because the focus shifts from self-expression to the gratification provided by external validation. Therefore, it’s important for you to be mindful of your tendency to consciously or unconsciously seek feedback in order to feel worthy of love and respect.

Deep inside, you have a playful, open-hearted, spontaneous side, that reverberates on your outer, joyful, radiant presence — a true child at heart. You possess an endearing zest for life that you freely share with those around you, and you ooze enthusiasm and generosity. But Leo is also a regal sign, and this regality manifests in your noble inner code and sense of honor: you’re a giving person, and you give to others in conformity to your high moral standards; however, you hardly forget when someone disregards the trust and consideration you give. And yet, due to Leo being a fixed sign, you can be extremely set in your ways, sticking around and holding on to people and situations long after others have given up.

The Sun is the nourishment of most life on the planet; therefore, Leo is also associated with creation and creativity. You have an innate affinity with the process that translates an idea or inspiration into form; broadly speaking, this lends you an innate connection with creative processes, and a creative streak that you may or may not choose to express in conventionally ‘artistic’ ways. However, you are most certainly strong-willed, capable of using all your resolution and inventiveness to achieve your goals and fulfil your wishes; you aim high, and never settle for less than you feel you deserve.

You’re also an excellent overseer, and you do well in positions where you can take charge, and gain recognition for your efforts. For you, it’s crucial that your original contribution is valued for its merits.

Romance and courtship make you feel alive and vibrant. Even when in a committed relationship, you likely strive to keep up the excitement and genuine enthusiasm of a newly blossoming bond. Leisure, euphoria and light-heartedness are essential to your psychological and emotional health.
When failing to operate from the highest motivations, you can become self-centered, vain and egocentric.

This is, undoubtedly, the ultimate shadow side of Leo: a self-awareness that crosses over into egotism. It’s important that you keep this tendency in check, if you want to shine without dimming other people’s light.

Pictured: Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Sun in Leo.

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