Astrology for Troubled Times #1 — Self-care and the Moon

The whole microcosmos of our chart can speak volumes about what fuels us and motivates us as Souls with a purpose, but the Moon is a major keypoint in our emotional, spiritual and yes, even bodily health.

Astrologically, our Moon is a testament to the past that survives in us. The part of ourselves that is still hungry, still in need to be taken care of, and yet incredibly powerful and visceral. Vulnerable, yes, but not weak. Private, perhaps, but not at all invisible. On the contrary, our Moon does want to be witnessed, as much as we need to acknowledge and embrace her. No matter how many demands are placed on us, how busy we are or how many responsibilities are we juggling — we will never not deserve to be taken care of, and nobody can fulfil this task better than ourselves. Especially during the most stressful times.

Enter the concept of self-care.

What is self-care all about (and why the Moon)

The term self-care has become a staple in pop culture, but it’s not until a couple years ago that it crossed over into mainstream.

Initially catching on as a medical concept, it was later co-opted by academics and was eventually embraced by activists as a radical, political act . Nowadays, self-care is mostly understood as

… one’s action … around our physical, emotional, relational, perhaps professional, educational, and, for some people, spiritual well-being that reflects the way that we take care of ourselves on the most fundamental levels.

Helen L. Coons, PhD

Self-care means allowing ourselves to have a refuelling, nurturing experience, one that restores our emotional balance and replenishes our energies. It’s about self-compassion — being as kind of ourselves as we are to others.

Although self-care can be thought of as a coping method for troubled times, it’s important to note that not everything that feels good and provides instant gratification should be labelled as such. Self-care is not about temporary relief, self-indulgence or self-destructive habits enacted to deal with challenging emotions. The very purpose of self-care is to be good to ourselves above all — self-care practices are about enhancing self-knowledge and self-esteem, minimizing the risk of burnout and helping us regain our spiritual and emotional center.  

There are many different activities and routines that can help us attaining these results, and not all of them suit everyone. This is where the Moon enters the picture: with such an affinity with pre-conscious needs and innermost feelings, the astrological Moon is a pretty good indicator of what constitutes the ideal form of self-care for each one of us.

Self-care and the Moon: Why you should feed your Lunar Needs

Among other things, the sign and house occupied by the Moon in the natal chart reveal the kind of energy that feels most familiar and soothing — the one that is capable of feeding our Soul.

A starved Moon is an imbalanced Moon. A Moon that is deprived of her nourishment is more likely to respond to stress and fatigue with detrimental ingrained patterns and unhealthy coping mechanisms, especially if she is afflicted.  This is why it’s crucial to tend to our inner life before we  reach our breaking point, and it’s precisely in times when we think we lack the necessary time or resources to look after ourselves, that we need it the most.

Wherever our Moon is placed in our chart, that’s where we can truly thrive emotionally —where our private Self can be seen and catered to. Thus, our Moon placement by sign and house is eloquent in pointing us towards the self-care routine that works best for us.

Lunar Self-care Tips, Sign by Sign

MOON IN ARIES: Ardent and fierce, this Warrior Moon can benefit from physical release: your emotions are so burningly vehement, you may occasionally need to de-compress and let off steam when things get too  intense. Think physical exercise and anything that feeds your Soul while stimulating your body and making you feel alive, vibrant, undefeated.

MOON IN TAURUS: Sensory self-care is what suits this Earthy Moon: the more immersive and soothing, the better. Allow yourself to tune into the full range of your sensory perceptions, and let them ground you and anchor you to Earth. This can happen through physical touch, a warm bath, comfort food, anything that enhances your connection with the temple that is your own body and the pleasure it can provide.

MOON IN GEMINI: Feelings and emotions are mostly processed through an intellectual filter for this mercurial Moon, which makes communication a paramount need. Make space and time for verbal expression, let your nervous system unwind or engage your intelligence through topics that trigger your curiosity. Let your mind come to life.

MOON IN CANCER:  The Moon in her own domicile responds favourably to emotional self-care.  It’s vital for you to let yourself feel your way through life, and cultivate a honest relationship with your emotions, fully engaging with them in a judgment-free fashion. Sometimes, crying is a form of self-care, too. Same can be said for creature comforts and anything else that allows you to soothe and parent your inner child.

MOON IN LEO: This fiery Moon needs warmth, validation, aliveness: honour your personal identity through acts of creation and experiences that boost your self-worth. Give yourself permission to be seen and praised, to receive recognition for your gifts, to shine. Whether you prefer grandiose displays of affection, boisterous entertainment or even beauty rituals — anything that awakens you to your joyful, radiant nature is good for your emotional health.

MOON IN VIRGO: This meticulous Earth Moon thrives in clean, organized spaces: consider decluttering as a self-care ritual, doing chores, or even dedicating yourself to craft projects. Purity and simplicity are capable of soothing your restless Soul: if and when possible, try to step away from what is unnecessarily burdensome and anxiety-inducing, and make room for what is essential.

MOON IN LIBRA: Social and relational self-care is like balm on the Libra Moon Soul. Saying no and removing yourself from situations that are especially toxic and filled with drama and conflict is an essential step in prioritizing your emotional balance. Aesthetically pleasant experiences are also important, like visiting galleries, attending concerts or even creating something beautiful first-hand.

MOON IN SCORPIO: For a Scorpio Moon, harnessing emotional intensity through cathartic, transformative experiences is paramount: the list may include, but is not limited to, sex (the kind that allows for a non-judgmental exploration of kink, power dynamics and non-cisheteronormative orientations in particular mode), radical intimacy, cleansing/purification, detox, symbolic amputation of situations and scenarios that have run their course.

MOON IN SAGITTARIUS: This excitable Fire Moon is attracted towards anything that provides blissful feelings of boundlessness and elevation. Recommended self-care activities include hiking and outdoors sports in general, walking in nature, short-distance trips or long-distance travels, anything that fosters your endless and voracious search for meaning (could be education, literature and/or impassioned philosophical debates, as well).

MOON IN CAPRICORN: For the stern, responsible (and often overworked) Capricorn Moon, it’s imperative to set boundaries, thus creating safe and private spaces to rest and regroup. If possible, try to balance your workload, don’t hesitate to delegate, and ask for help when you need it. Keep in mind that your worth does not reside in your outer accomplishments, but in your remarkable integrity and accountability.

MOON IN AQUARIUS: This Fixed Air Moon can benefit from a social support system that fosters feelings of connectedness and community involvement; you can truly thrive in the company of those who honour and cherish your individuality, while welcoming you as part of a greater whole.  Your emotional well-being might also require you to detach from your emotions and consider the issues that are contributing to your stressful condition from a rational standpoint: if this is the case, try to step away from emotionally charged situations and dynamics and look for people who can provide lucid, impartial perspectives and advice.

MOON IN PISCES: Engaging with the nonmaterial aspects of life is essential to the well-being of the Pisces Moon. To you, self-care is mostly a spiritual and metaphysical practice, one that allows you to transcend, to unplug from the chaos of day-to-day life and foster your connection with otherworldly realms. Recommended activities include meditation, prayer, expressing gratitude, experimenting with creative outlets or attending more conventionally religious services and ceremonies.

Your turn: where is your Moon and what is your self-care practice of choice? Let me know in the comments!

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