Scorpio Ascendant. Picture by Kelsey Dody on Unsplash.

Scorpio Ascendant Explained

A Water sign ruled by Mars, Scorpio combines powerful intuition and penchant for strategy. You have an acute sensitivity to the influences of your environment, which might bring you to modify your external attitude, determining from time to time how much energy to pour into human interaction and how much of yourself you give away, in an effort to preserve yourself and keep unwanted energies out of your personal sphere. You likely value your privacy, and might feel the need to control your environment as well. 

You have a lot of presence, which is sometimes intimidating: people are either fascinated or unsettled by your charisma, with hardly any mild, in-between reaction. However gregarious and kind you may appear on the surface, there’s much about you that doesn’t meet the eye, and that’s mostly because you choose it to be this way: access to your energy is a privilege, and you’re very particular about whom to grant it to.

You can be rather guarded, and your intuition makes you constantly aware of people’s intentions and red flags. Your intents are deep, and so is your capacity of insight into the world that surrounds you: you seemingly look right through people and situations, with a natural knack for feeling out reality and exposing hidden truths.  While you’re capable of reading people fairly skilfully, you give very little away as to what you are really feeling on the inside; being cautious and secretive allows you to manage and preserve your energies and personal power.

This can makes you hard to get close to, but you can become the most loyal friend and partner once you open up.  However, this latter stage of interaction doesn’t happen indiscriminately and with anyone you meet. You discard superficial details and aim right to the core of the matters, and, in a similar way, you tend to eschew superficial connections that don’t add value to your life.

Ultimately, your relationship with yourself and your identity tends to go through cyclic phases of crisis and transformation, through which you empower yourself and evolve. While you transform and renew yourself through the interaction with the world, you also attract situations where your role is that of serving as an agent of transformation and renewal for others.

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