Saturn stations Direct. Painting: "Fireworks in the Park", by Konstantin Somov.

Saturn stations Direct, September 29, 2020 — This Time

Saturn wakes from its Retrograde slumber on September 29, at 25°20 Capricorn, and it’s a brusque awakening. With Mars currently still moving backwards through Aries, the Direct station of the Greater Malefic will mark the second peak of the ongoing Mars/Saturn square, which has been dominating the astrology of the past few weeks.

Before there can be motion, before there can be progress around long-range goals, obligations and manifestation, there will be friction, exacerbation of lingering tensions. Before the renegotiation of commitments and boundaries can produce effects, impediments and divergences might crystallize. Before we get to where we want to be, as a society, as people, as individuals, we’ll be reminded of everything that stands in our way. Of the cords we must sever, of the weight we must get rid of. The weight of self-doubt. The weight of our apathy. The weight of the reasons for not showing up. A weight that becomes a burden to the world when so much of what’s going on in it depends on us showing up for it, for ourselves, for all of us.

The time to lay the foundations for the work we intend to do is now, and it’s long overdue. The review process of Saturn’s transit of Capricorn is approaching the end: once Saturn re-enters Aquarius, on December 17, 2020, the focus will once again shift to what we can do and be for others. For our communities. For the people we care about.

The world is in dire need of people like you. People with integrity. People who are unafraid of sharing their gifts. People who challenge the notion that there are no feasible, realistic alternatives to capitalism, exploitation and grind culture, that dreams don’t matter, that “this is how things have always been”.

The world needs you to wake up and step up. Now.

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Painting: “Fireworks in the Park”, by Konstantin Andreevič Somov.

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