Sagittarius Ascendant. Picture found on Unsplash.

Sagittarius Ascendant Explained

For you, as a Sagittarius rising, the surrounding reality is mostly experienced as a huge reservoir of meaning, information and knowledge, preferably to be sought in every corner of the world.

You’re a wandering soul, drawn towards either geographical or mental exploration or both, to squeeze every drop of wisdom from the world you live in. Culture, education, travels, books, outdoor activities and sports exert an irresistible appeal on your adventure-seeking heart and mind.

All of these different avenues of exploration converge in the single center of the Big Picture: everything you assimilate through them is distilled into a holistic, broader vision that allows you to map existence itself and form a life philosophy based on practical experience. This keeps you open, curious and hopeful even in the most difficult times, because you’re constantly aware of the grand scheme and the significance of the single events in it, and thus inherently motivated to learn and expand.

As a consequence of this, your intellect is obviously very vivid, and you tend to be opinionated about everything you see and experience. You’re far-reaching, passionate, always restless and on the go: your humour and (generally, but there are exceptions, of course) optimistic outlook on life are large assets that make you an interesting, sought-after company.

You possess a heightened desire for freedom, and can’t stand to be fenced in by prejudices, ignorance or limits; you long to be free to roam wherever your spirit takes you, savouring the excitement of exploration and constantly pushing the envelope and expanding your horizons. More than anything, you believe in the magic of possibility, with believing being a major keyword.

At times, your perspective may get excessively dogmatic, so it’s important to adopt a more relativistic outlook every now and then.

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