Progressed Moon in Scorpio. Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash.

Progressed Moon in Scorpio — Into Deep

It’s a matter of days. Right now as I type this, my progressed Moon is lumbering at 29°53 Scorpio. Come the weekend, another 2.5 year cycle of my life will begin. Just as it happened many times before. I’ve been waiting for this moment, even anticipating this transition, for months. Not because the past two years and a half have been particularly terrible — in fact, if you’re reading this because you have googled ‘what happens when the progressed Moon enters Scorpio’ or something along these lines expecting grueling tales of loss and tragedy, let me start by saying that nothing of this sort happened.

I didn’t obviously die, nor wish to, nor has anyone I care about had terrible things happening to them (which was definitely a possibility, considering that I’m based in one of the countries that have been hit the worst by the recent COVID-19 outbreak). If anything, I have never felt more alive, resilient and determined to make it through. And this comes from someone who did have a deathwish and perhaps more than one and more than a wish, long ago. As my progressed Moon hangs by a thread in the last degree of Scorpio and prepares to cross over into Sagittarius, I am acknowledging that, like many other things I have outgrown, that too is a thing of the past. Buried, forever, albeit not forgotten and bound to haunt me for a long time still.

And yet, there was death. In some form or another. Death of things I thought I couldn’t live without. Death of the person I thought I was. Death of the parts of me that were keen on putting up with bullshit — mine and others’. Also death of the parts of me that would have been the death of me. Prior to my progressed Moon entering Scorpio, I was afraid to own my power and act like the person I had become, even after having survived a string of harrowing Pluto transits. I was reluctant to take the risks I needed to take in order to become my own person, fully and unapologetically. In many ways, I was still standing in my own way, hesitant to harness my potency and fortitude into life-changing and life-affirming decisions.

My Moon progressing into Scorpio changed all of that.

I was also someone who didn’t have the slightest idea of how it feels like to be loved unconditionally and chosen day after day by a partner. I thought of myself as someone unlovable, someone that would never be chosen and cherished and celebrated by somebody else. That, too, changed, and, surprisingly, finding myself in a relationship with a partner — a Scorpio — who was eager to offer me steadfast loyalty and unwavering commitment made me realize that, in fact, I do not need to be in a relationship in order to feel fulfilled. Having my Moon, Sun, Mercury and Vesta in Libra, this was a major breakthrough for me.

My own body transformed, too. A few months prior my progressed Moon’s entrance into Scorpio, I was finally diagnosed with stage 3 Endometriosis, after a couple years of chronic, confusing, often disabling pelvic pain. Exactly one month after the progressed Moon changed signs, I underwent the first surgery of my life. As of now, I am contemplating the decision of having a hysterectomy.

This, too, is a huge deal, for someone who used to see motherhood as a major, defining cornerstone of her existence. That version of me died, as well. It was a peaceful and merciful death. It was either her, or me and my desire for freedom, individuation and emancipation — not to mention, for a pain-free life.

That’s a situation in which you might find yourself often, while your progressed Moon transits the sign of Scorpio. Kill or be killed. Smash the molds you no longer fit into, exterminate the parasitic entities that feed off your energy, or become the empty shell of who you were. Exorcise the demons that possess you, or get dragged to hell. Grow bravely and dauntlessly, or wither. This is not even a hyperbole — Scorpio is just that radical.

But fret not. In the face of intemperate metamorphosis, you will almost forget how fear feels like.

In fact, one very disturbing thing I should perhaps mention is that, throughout the past two years and a half, my emotions ran so deep, that I could barely access them (I remember asking myself on a number of occasions, ‘Is this how natal Scorpio Moon folks feel all the time?’). I understand it’s because I didn’t need them. As a Cancer rising person, I have allowed my own emotions to hold me back far too many times. All of a sudden, I was uncomfortable with my own emotional displays. I remember a couple instances in which I caught myself almost crying about things that were actually causing me emotional distress, and telling myself ‘not now’. It felt almost gross to cry because of personal reasons. I would almost say the Progressed Moon in Scorpio toughened me up.

When our progressed Moon is found in the sign of Scorpio, we are pushed to address our own emotional baggage and deal with the emotional patterns that kept us blocked.

One funny and almost paradoxical side-effect of this emotional constipation of sorts is that I would burst into tears at the drop of a hat, mostly as a result to external stimuli. Like movies, songs, videos of cats being reunited with their owners, or anything that showed the slightest hint of other people’s feelings.

Thing is, if your Moon is progressing into Scorpio, you will be extremely sensitive to other people’s energy. This progressed Moon comes with a built-in bullshit detector, too. It was during this time that I became increasingly critical of New Age truisms and the way they are often used as spiritual bypassing tactics, started to identify as a feminist — not exactly the fun kind —, and made it a point to unpack my privilege and unlearn the traces of colonialist, white supremacist narratives that were informing my practice and my craft.

Becoming comfortable with feelings of discomfort comes with the Progressed Scorpio Moon territory.

The Progressed Scorpio Moon is a psychopomp that shows us to our personal Purgatory, our inner Shadow Realm, bringing us face to face with the darker half of ourselves. With our best keep secrets. We are therefore able to tie up loose ends with our past, with the buried sense of shame that dwells within, and set those secrets free. The chains of guilt, remorse and obsession dissolve. We realize we’ve been in charge all along. Only that, this time, we’re ready to act like it. (It should come as no surprise that, while my progressed Moon was transiting the sign of Scorpio, I also quit my 9-to-5 job, cold turkey, to focus on becoming a self-employed translator and astrologer, something the old me would not have had the guts to do).

We befriend our rage. We take back the dusk and the gloom and destruction and blood and fire. We accept all of it as part of who we are. And from that place of acceptance, of rejecting any dichotomy that pits so-called low-vibrational emotions against love and light, of choosing to be whole rather than being palatable, comes power.

It’s not been easy or fun, but it’s been necessary and empowering. And I’m ready to take that power with me towards distant horizons. I am ready for this phase of my life to come full circle. I’m ready to stop digging and start expanding.

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Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash.

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