I use Astrology as a tool to facilitate clarity, healing and empowerment and to provide insight into particular themes, discuss the timing of specific events/stages of an individual’s life. I do this through a blend of Hellenistic techniques and modern psychological perspectives. Please note that I use Whole Sign Houses as a House division method, occasionally adding Placidus for a further layer of insight.

Turnaround time for readings varies from a week to ten/fifteen business days, depending on how booked I am. Readings are performed only after the payment is received. You can choose to receive your reading in e-mail format (I only keep track of time when I’m typing), or to schedule a Zoom call/chat. Please make sure you express your preference.


After the payment is made, I’ll get in touch to schedule the reading or inform you about when you can expect to receive my e-mail (depending on the modality you chose).

In order to perform the reading, I need your complete birth info as well as an outline of the subjects you’d like to tackle during our reading. Please make sure you submit all info correctly using the form. I don’t work with missing birth times, and I don’t rectify charts.





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