Pluto stations Direct. Image by Pixabay.

Pluto stations Direct, October 4, 2020 — All Cleaned Out

As within, so without.

As we kill inside ourselves that which has been infecting our thoughts, constipating our feelings, undermining our progress, so we can clear out the path that lies in front of us.

Pluto has stationed Retrograde on April 25, 2020, and we’ve been bowing to the holiness of destruction ever since.  Honouring the process of decay to which all shapes and forms are subjected on our material plane. Welcoming surrender. Coming to terms with our deepest desires and innermost fears. Flushing out spiritual and emotional muck. Severing cords. Burning bridges to light the way.  

Even after all these years of countless Plutonian stabs to my Cardinal placements, Pluto’s Direct and Retrograde stations are dates I look forward to (Pluto spends roughly 6-7 months of the year in retrograde motion, which corroborates the understanding of closure and release as necessary prerequisites to keeping our life in motion). As disturbing as Pluto’s radical medicine can be, and abrasive, and relentless, it does leave us cleaner and lighter than it found us — an empty container, ready to be filled up with new hopes and intentions.

So, today, as Pluto stations Direct at 22°29 Capricorn, I rejoice. In spite of the square to Mars, in spite of the tight orb of conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter, in spite of the fact that the direct station happens basically at the same degree of the Saturn / Pluto conjunction from back in January of this year. We’re revisiting that raw, sore spot in our personal and collective history, but we’re no longer stuck in that place. We’re moving forward. We know where to go from there.

We’re now ready to capitalize on the closure and inner purification of the past six months. We’re ready to translate that newfound awareness into action. To allow it to show up outside of ourselves, transforming the surrounding environment.

Hopefully, all that is rotting away at this time has already been mourned.

Image by Pexels.

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