Pisces Ascendant. Picture by Feteme Fuentes on Unsplash.

Pisces Ascendant Explained

As a Pisces rising, you don’t just respond to your surroundings. Rather, you’re constantly engaged in a two-way flow of information and feelings, interacting with the reality around you on a level that’s not purely physical, but also emotional and spiritual. There is a line that connects your presence in the world to your awareness of being part of something greater than the Self. It’s like the doors of your perception are always open, constantly ready to pick up whatever influence or signal is coming from the environment, and send it back; this permeability gives you an enigmatic, yet powerful aura that makes you appear ethereal, almost otherworldly to others. Your innate awareness of the subtle, immaterial dynamics and dimensions of existence also makes you an inspired, imaginative individual, with an effortless creativity that you are able to apply to any task, be it a creative one or not.

Most importantly, with your Pisces Ascendant, you likely learned very soon how to balance your self-affirmation with faith, thus “going with the flow” as though you’re swimming through life and making the most of its currents. Your seemingly yielding disposition is, in fact, one of your strongest assets: you seem to intuitively know when to give up control over circumstances in order to simply flow around obstacles. This adaptability and fluidity help you handling whatever life throws at you, while also making you appear changeable and puzzling to others — you always seem to be plugged in some kind of supernatural wisdom others might not know how to access.

A tendency to see the good in people no matter what is possibly present, and might occasionally prompt you to interact with somebody’s potential rather than with the person in front of you. It’s easy for you to feel alone in the middle of a crowd, because of the fact that most people interact on a level that feels too shallow and insubstantial compared to your sensitivity and depth; yet, at the same time, the desire to merge with people and with life as a whole on a Soul level might result in an unconscious tendency to wholeheartedly embrace the people and places you come in contact with, to the point of overextending yourself if this tendency goes unchecked.

Sometimes, you might take on others’ personalities and mannerism, and, depending on your sense of boundaries, you might act in ways that are “out of character”. Living as a fluid, multifaceted being in a rigid world is not easy by any means, and you might occasionally feel tempted to use this shapeshifting quality of your persona as a defense mechanism.

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