The North Node and the Realm of Possibility

While my angle on astrology is primarily informed by the Hellenistic tradition, I’m also someone who is inclined to question things and seldom satisfied with taking them at face value. My Jupiter is exiled and locked away in the Twelfth House, home of the outsider looking in. Struggling with unconditional trust is both my superpower and my Achilles’ Heel. (Add a Mercury that is both Retrograde and combust, not to mention the dispositor of said Jupiter, and you get the idea). 

I value the credibility of sources, which was a huge motivation behind my decision to approach ancient texts after nearly a decade of study of contemporary authors, but the odds of me regurgitating truisms verbatim are virtually nonexistent. In my client work, I noticed that conversations sparked by ‘right questions’ tend to be more alive and generative than those steered by ‘right answers’. 

Now, I don’t really subscribe to the idea that the Nodes of the Moon represent a Soul watershed of sorts — the North Node encapsulating ‘habits’ and ‘patterns’ that we’re meant to ‘leave behind’, and the North Node pointing to the ‘lessons we are meant to learn’. 

I also don’t necessarily disagree with this angle. Simply put, I would rather go deeper and look for nuance, depth and breadth. I observe. I ponder. I dissect. I peel back layers. (One might argue that this is very Virgo South Node of me). 

I do, sometimes, wish that faith felt more like second nature to me as opposed to something to strive for until my last breath. Which is, I guess, why I primarily consider myself a seeker who is here to help fellow seekers find their bearings. But that’s another story, for another time.

I felt like writing about the Nodes of the Moon, because, today, I experienced mine in the most exquisitely empirical fashion. I was laying down on my couch, deep in a timeline-jumping meditation / guided self-hypnosis where I got to meet and merge with a future self. Almost as soon as I opened my eyes after coming back to Earth, I felt an uncanny urge to open the app version of my astrology software of choice and check the transits. I had a vague awareness of the Moon being in Pisces (I do not always track the planets on a daily basis, and I didn’t plan this particular meditation in advance based on transits). Much to my surprise, not only the Moon was actually in Pisces, and still is as we speak. Luna was  occupying the exact degree of my North Node, in the Ninth House. She was not applying to my North Node. She was not one or two degrees apart. She was right there. It seemed significant, and worthy of note. It sort of pushed me to reconsider everything I thought I knew about the Nodes.

Ancient Astrologers considered the North Node to have a benefic quality to it, one of expansion and aggrandizement, not dissimilar to Jupiter, while the South Node was thought of as being malefic in nature. (Please take these definitions with a grain of salt. The benefic/malefic dychotomy in ancient astrology, too, is a lot more nuanced and layered that we give it credit for). 

Now, if I were to point at an area in my chart that feels like my happy place, that would most definitely be the Ninth House. Ninth House things have a deeply nutrimental, spiriting, animating effect on me. Everything that takes me into the environment of my Ninth House is a timeline-jumping experience in itself, like getting to meet who I can be when I allow what I’m not to fall away. Like bursting through the dam of linear time’s constraints to find out what lies beyond. Like exponentially increasing in density, to the point of becoming uncontainable. 

In conclusion, I think I like the notion of the house that contains our North Node as an environment where we get to to play in the realm of possibility. And I’m curious to know whether or not this has been your experience, too. 

If you’d like to discuss your Nodal placement(s) and learn what narrative the Nodes of the Moon highlight in your chart, you can book a reading with me.

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