New Moon in Sagittarius, November 26, 2019 – Benediction

Jupiter is leaving Sagittarius, his home sign, for Capricorn, on December 3, 2019. He has been roaming through the wide Sagittarian plains since November 2018, prompting us to reach as far as we can, get our message heard, shoot for the stars.

To me, this nearly unadorned Sagittarius New Moon, clocking in on November 26 (3:05 PM UTC), at 04°03, almost looks like a bittersweet but ultimately uplifting farewell. All things are meant to pass, and planetary transits make no exception, but the Lord of Plenty is not going to part from the sign he’s most powerful in without getting personal with us first.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a last benediction, a farewell kiss from the planet that more than others represents confidence in the face of adversity, faith in the midst of the storm. Transits don’t last forever, because we are supposed to internalize what they have to teach us, to make it ours. This New Moon is Jupiter’s reminder that nothing can really suppress our life force or kill our spirit. That standing up for ourselves and for those who are fighting the same fight will always, always make a difference; that no one is too small, young, or marginal to raise their voice and achieve great things.

Jupiter in Sagittarius sparked the inextinguishable fire of hope within our hearts, showing us that, yes, a better future is possible, in our personal lives as well as for our communities and for our planet. We’ve had glimpses of this future, and Jupiter in Capricorn will help us build it from the ground up.

The New Moon in Sagittarius wants us to stick with this vision of hope and share it with those whom we love. She wants us to keep pouring our intent into it, to act as it’s already manifesting in front of our eyes. To trust our path, to keep chasing our dreams, to cherish them as beautiful acts of resistance against all that is ugly, violent, unfair and corrupt.

What does impossible mean when you have hundreds of young people taking to the streets to bring climate justice awareness to mainstream attention? Or common people rising up against their governments to protest injustice? What defines possible to you, me, us? In the dark of this New Moon, it’s certainly possible to challenge the very concept of impossibility.

The New Moon in Sagittarius asks us to treasure all that we have learned, seen and believed and take it with us into the future. It’s a cosmic blessing from Jupiter at 28° Sagittarius, ready to cross into Capricorn and barely a degree away from Venus, who just did. It’s an invite to be grateful for all the doors that have opened for us, for the ones that didn’t and thus kept us from straying from our path, for everything that got us where we are.

It’s also a chance to rejuvenate our spirits once more and remind ourselves that it’s not over, that there’s more to come. More happiness, more blessings, more laughter. An opportunity to take a leap of faith, knowing that, in the coming months, we will be able to ground our wildest dreams if we put in the hard work and stay focused.

There is a quincunx aspect binding together this Sagittarius New Moon and Uranus in Taurus: Uranus, the revolutionary, currently stirring the fertile taurean soil in search of more nourishing, sustainable ways of living; he is also within orb of trine with Jupiter himself.

Expect the unexpected” is a catchphrase astrologers like to use when referring to the energy of Uranus. But this is a fiery, passionate New Moon in the sign of adventure, expansion, enthusiasm. The archer is bold, free-spirited and buoyant; he certainly doesn’t lack the bravery to aim high. So instead of expect, why not create the unexpected?

Make that call, submit that application, attend that event, schedule that appointment, write that e-mail (Mars in Scorpio makes a discreet but nonetheless supportive semi-sextile to the Sun and Moon); step forward, and let the Universe meet you halfway.

Dare to plant that seed of thrilling, invigorating change, water it, cherish it and I promise you, in no time you will be watching the fresh root probe its way towards the ground.  

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Image by Rahul on Pexels.

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