New Moon in Pisces, February 23, 2020 — The Mystic’s Dream

When Pisces calls, in its own, subtle way, we have no choice but to answer. Fighting the numinous undercurrents that beckon to us will get us nowhere. It suffices to stay afloat and glide to wherever the smooth flowing motion of its balmy waters takes us.

The call of Pisces is the call of our own inner imaginary world — the liminal space where endings and beginnings are contained within one another. Where the boundaries between the Self and the rest are nonexistent. Where we role-play as deities dallying with symbols, changing the shapes and re-creating the world as if in a wondrous game. Within the salvific, supernatural realm of the fishes, imagination is a godlike attribute. Under the New Moon in Pisces occurring on February 23, at 3:32 UTC, 4°28 into the sign, we will not simply plant seeds: we will get ourselves reacquainted with the higher power that inhabits the Soul, and rediscover the pleasure of tapping into our inner vision. A vision to cling on to, as we wait for dry land to appear (Mercury is still Retrograde at the time of this event).

This is a New Moon to conjure our inner seer, mystic and dreamer. To pick and choose between multiple, possible realities. To let ourselves be invigorated by faith, guided by desire, inspired by our creative potential.  Wherever your Soul and the bittersweet ache of your longing take you under this New Moon, don’t be afraid to go there. Don’t resist. Don’t struggle. “Surrender” is the word. Whatever the destination, rest assured it’s an inner place of power.

In order to be receptive and responsive to the flashes of insight, the quiet nudges, the unexplainable certainties, we might need to make time away from the day-to-day hassle and shield ourselves from unwanted psychic influences. The pearly, lustrous ocean can just as easily turn into a nightmarish swamp where the most haunting and ghastly fears reign supreme. Think of this New Moon as an empyrean, cosmic acid trip: it’s best to walk into it after detoxing from undesirable influences and the mental, emotional heaviness we might have soaked up during our interaction with people.

Once the canvas of our mind is blank, only after that, we will be able to paint it with the hues of our hope and fascination, and without holding back. Harmonizing with our intuition as in a duet, seeing and experiencing what we’re yet to truly see and touch, in a graceful, aesthetic leap of faith.

All of the above is only apparently impractical. At the time of the New Moon in Pisces, the traditional ruler of the sign, bold, expansive Jupiter, will be halfway through his journey through empirical, efficient Capricorn; the work we are called to do under this New Moon might be intangible and ethereal, but its implications are very much pragmatic and reality-based, and may end up expanding (Jupiter) our reality (Capricorn), especially as far as our goals and ambitions are concerned.

Too, Jupiter forms an auspicious, favourable sextile with Pisces’ modern ruler, Neptune, in her own sign. Sextiles are small yet promising  doorways of opportunity; like when the Muse (Neptune) bestows her blessing on our grounded optimism (Jupiter in Capricorn). Whatever we envision, we can make it work. Mars in Capricorn, forming another sextile to the New Moon itself, confirms this, as well as the sextile between the New Moon and Uranus in Taurus, a clear indication that we have the power to spark positive change in our material circumstances if we work at bringing our vision down to Earth.

However, the most telltale sign of this New Moon as a fated moment in our journey is definitely the trine between the Moon and the North Node in Cancer. We might not know where we’re headed, yet — but we must trust that we are moving forward, towards a place where we are emotionally soothed, nurtured and supported. That place exists. It’s real. It’s already here, as we give in to the tide and tell the Universe we are ready to be carried there.   

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