New Moon in Pisces. Picture by Sachin Uplaonkar on Unsplash.

New Moon in Pisces, March 13, 2021 — Ethereality

I’ll start on an unrelated note and say that the transiting North Node in Gemini — well, perhaps not entirely unrelated, after all, since Neptune, said to be the modern ruler of the sign of Pisces, sits in a square to the Nodal Axis, as we speak —is truly teaching me how to hold space for seemingly contradicting notions. Here is a very related example. Toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing are harmful. Choosing to see possibility rather than anticipating catastrophe, on the other hand, can be incredibly and unexpectedly healing. I say so as somebody who is still healing from an intense childhood involving poverty trauma, constant emotional and psychological abuse and one parent with severe opioid addiction, and, in all likelihood, will keep doing so until her time on Earth is up.

Traditionally ruled by expansive, benevolent Jupiter, watery and mutable Pisces is about the emotional attunement to that very possibility. An attunement we’re often called to surrender to, in the absence of visible, tangible proof of the veracity of our intuition. A fragrant, night-blooming flower whose beauty graces our nights. Pisces is Jupiter’s nocturnal domicile, and the moonless nights are the darkest, yet ripest with potential.

The New Moon in Pisces occurred today, March 13, 2021, at 10:21 AM UTC (23 degrees 3 minutes of the sign), but if you were to venture out into the open tonight, Luna would still be nowhere to be seen. We’re still in the thick of that lulling darkness. We can still allow ourselves to entertain the thought of what a new dawn would look like.

In the sign of the fishes, together with the two luminaries and Neptune, we also find a beautifully exalted Venus, co-present yet combust. Similarly, Jupiter itself is currently in aversion to the Pisces bodies, still transiting the sign of Aquarius. There is an element of secrecy and disconnection here, which brings the Eighth of Swords to mind. The kind of context that can either give way to profound dissociation/disengagement, or to the kind of bone-deep faith that moves mountains.

With the lights forming a close sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, deep excavation in search of our Soul’s desires can be an especially gentle and fruitful process at this time. The terrains we’re exploring might be uncharted, but our deepest Soul call doesn’t have to remain unknown to us. Addressing the shame we still feel at the thought of considering that everything might work out, that we might eventually get where we need to be, that help and support on that journey is readily available can allow us to make possibility a conscious, deliberate, powerful choice, rather than something we use to gloss over what we’d rather not address.

When in doubt, go with what feels healing, nourishing and compassionate. And once you’ve felt it deep in your bones, cherish and protect that glimmer until sunrise.

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Photo by Sachin Uplaonkar on Unsplash

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