New Moon in Libra. Image by Evie Shaffer on Pexels.

New Moon in Libra, October 16, 2020 — Shadows

Love is a guest. In whatever form — platonic, romantic, agápē love, bhaktic devotion — It comes into your life to inhabit spaces and fill them up. Love is that which encompasses all paradoxes — eternal, yet rarely immortal.

Like a living, breathing, and burning thing, love needs a container, it needs to be fed, it needs us to love the process and praxis of loving and being love as much as we love the idea and the high of it. Love is not a permanent conquest. Love is a series of victories even when it tastes like burning defeat on our tongue, because we are forced to confront the disservices we make to love.

Like balance, like Beauty, like us, love is continuously growing and opening portals towards personal and collective liberation. To liberate ourselves and our love and our sense of what is possible, we need to disrupt the balance of our comfort zones and be willing to uncover new layers of being-ness — because we’re infinite in every way. Our capacity to heal the world is limitless. Our hypothetical capacity to cause harm is equally limitless.

Opening pathways and channels through which love can flow into our existence can be painful when it’s our very flesh we’re carving and when it’s ourselves we are facing and holding hostage and when it’s our grief we’re disowning and when it’s our healing process we’re betraying in favor of an outside paradigm, or a cognitive distortion, or an ingrained pattern.

Wherever we find ourselves in our relationships, romantic or otherwise, the New Moon in Libra arriving on October 16, at 7:31 PM UTC, 23 degrees and 53 minutes into the sign of the scales, will meet us there and ask us how do we like it. Make no mistake — with Mercury and Mars both Retrograde at the time of this New Moon, there is margin for improvement. But this Moon — struck by the rays of the malefics Mars and Saturn, squared by Pluto — is carrying afflictions that remind us of our own. She asks us to begin anew in the name of all the untold, the ungrieved, the undying, the never-evolving. To rearrange the spaces we hold for love, especially if they have turned into cages. To mend love where it’s broken. To start re-generative conversations, introduce restorative measures, to reimagine, to re-balance, to renegotiate.

This is not a “let’s manifest a new connection/relationship/partner/whatever” New Moon. Ruled by Venus in Virgo, the sign of her fall, this is a New Moon that encourages us to seek for love in all the places we’ve been told love doesn’t exist. In the often painful process of holding ourselves accountable. In a no. In a I love you, but. In the darkness. In honest, open-hearted talks that address imbalances and in the pain that accompanies the loss of unhealthy dynamics that provided a false sense of security. In the discomfort that we often feel when doing the right thing. In the fear that greets us as soon as we exit the circular maze of our draining relationship loops. This is justice. Justice is love.

And Venus in Virgo, supported by a trine from Jupiter in Capricorn, facing off Retrograde Neptune in Pisces, is the emergent portal. Love as praxis. Feeding and watering and repairing and mending love and ourselves. Choosing what is sacred to us, even if that means outgrowing the relationships that do not hold space for our growth. This is liberation. This, too, is an act of love.

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Image by Evie Shaffer on Pexels.

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