New Moon in Leo. Photo by Davon Michel on Pexels.

New Moon in Leo, August 19, 2020 — Keep your Heart


The Moon renewed herself at 26°35 Leo, today, at 02:41 AM UTC. She is barely visible, now, wrapped in darkness, but she will grow full. Just like we will dance our way in the places where we belong and fill the voids left by our absence.

There is fire and fuel to the fire in the chart for this New Moon in Leo: it’s a cosmic ritual that requires the invocation of our boldest Self. An invitation to come out and play — play new realities into existence, create more, love more, make more love, more art, infuse more unrestrained authenticity into our life. To show up as our fullest, proudest selves and shine without fear, but also without burning out.

The superior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury is forever embedded in the unfolding of this lunation — this is not a path to walk in silence. It begs us to be vocal and to spell every letter and celebrate every step. It’s been a while since a New Moon or an astrological event of any kind carried this kind of elated, uplifting energy, or at least the promise of it — a glimpse of a stairway elevating us all the way up to the stars, but only if we’re brave enough to climb.

Mars in Aries formed a trine to the New Moon, so new beginnings require courage, willingness and a pinch of savagery and “fuck it” attitude. Do what thou wilt. Use your fuel. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t hesitate. Don’t lose motivation. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose yourself. Keep yourself, and keep your heart.

Worthy of note is the positive configuration between the New Moon in Leo and the Nodal Axis — a trine to the South Node in Sagittarius and a sextile to the North Node in Gemini. Releasing to integrate. Looking back and stepping ahead. It’s one of those rare moments when past and present converge, and choosing which road to take is easy. Even if Mars is coming up against Saturn through an applying square. Even though Saturn itself formed a risky and awkward Quincunx to the New Moon, signalling the presence of obstacles in form of blind spots, concrete and tangible yet not immediately obvious. Not yet, at least. But as the Moon grows brighter, her light will illuminate what now lurks in the darkness. Whatever it is, don’t let that stop you. Better yet, face it head on and set yourself free.

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