New Moon in Capricorn, December 26, 2019 — Eclipse

On the heels of the cosmic New Moon that is Yule, the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year in whose murky, somber heart we await and celebrate the return of the light, comes a salient, annular solar eclipse that echoes the very same sentiment: the New Moon in Capricorn, arriving on December 26 at 04°06 of the sign of the sea goat (05:13 AM UTC), will align with the Sun and the Earth, blocking out the solar light and engulfing our planet in a dense shadow.

The New Moon in Capricorn: finding our inner light in the darkness

Just like stars shine the brightest in the absence of light, it’s when we find ourselves enshrouded in the thick, impenetrable gloom, like that of this New Moon / solar eclipse, that we are especially able to witness the radiant light of our generative power and realize that the latter has been within us all along. And now that we’re on the brink of a whole new decade, now that the domain of Capricorn itself is becoming the epicentre of the current cosmic weather, it’s time to take the long view, muster our power and channel it into something meaningful, something for the ages, something built to last.

This is what eclipse energy is for — profound, seismic, sweeping. An eclipse is the cosmic equivalent of an earthquake: it magnetizes shifts, collapses, pushes us off the fence and into radically new energetic spaces; once we find ourselves there, it becomes pointless to look back and yearn for the sheltered stillness of what we called our comfort zone. What should be done, however, especially in the case of a New Moon, is mapping the virgin terrain and laying the groundwork for what is to come. A new year. A new decade. A new life, one that will hopefully see our ideal scenarios coming to life through persistence, discipline and courage to believe in what others are yet to see, but which is nonetheless real and vibrant before the mind’s eye.

The New Moon in Capricorn and the hybrid, visionary Sea Goat

After all, Capricorn, the Sea Goat, is a hybrid creature: the goat hooves might be firmly set on the ground, but the fish tail is acquainted with the mysterious currents of insight and inspiration that flow within us from the seas beyond this world. The Goat is not an aimless wanderer, lost in the midst of inhospitable slopes; Capricorn is driven, eyes set on the master plan, committed to climb mountains and cross valleys for the sake of bringing it to fruition.

And it’s with the aid of visualization and intuition that we can come to terms with the ambitions that motivate us and propel us further down our path, with our very definition of success, with the deepest desires that our Soul is longing to manifest at this time.

With the New Moon merging with the bold, audacious energy of Jupiter in Capricorn, settling or denying the extent of our ambition is not an option. The New Moon in Capricorn, fuelled by the eclipse elixir, is asking us to get unapologetically, shamelessly real about what we truly want, so that we can capitalize on the earthy, potent energy of the Capricorn stellium and turn our goals into lived experience through consistent, meticulous effort.

The role of Chiron and Uranus at this New Moon

It doesn’t matter where we’re starting from as long as we know where we want to go and are willing to show up for ourselves. Sure, a harrowing square between the New Moon and Chiron in Aries might stir up some deep-seated insecurities and cause us to doubt our worth, our skills, our capability to manifest positive outcomes, but confronting our limiting beliefs about being undeserving, unfit, not good enough to build the future we want, is part of the process.

Uranus, dissenter extraordinaire, seems to stress the message that we must be ready to challenge our own beliefs, our view of the world down to our very self-image; the cutting-edge planet of revolution and progress, currently transiting the equally earthy sign of Taurus, is supporting and endorsing this New Moon via trine, encouraging us to consider options, alternatives and courses of action we might never have explored before.

Uranus also reminds us that every act of self-mastery is, in truth, an act of self-liberation. When we reclaim the right to exist in this world on our own terms and make it a point to regulate our own existence, we are less controlled by our environment and more in control of our very own narrative.

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