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New Moon in Aries, March 24, 2020 — Heroes

New Moon in Aries. Picture by Gabriel Bassino

The days leading up to the Spring Equinox are uncannily quiet here in quarantined Milan. An eerie silence enshrouds the city. You don’t really hear many cars outside the window anymore. You do hear many more ambulance sirens than before, and the loudspeakers of the police cars reminding us to stay home. It’s like the world has stopped. Kind of.

It seems almost illogical — almost — to think that there is a New Moon in Aries coming up. A cosmic call to action. An invitation to partake in the awakening of Mother. To be my own or somebody else’s hero. In this desert. In this stillness. Inside four walls. What for? How??

But then again, it does make perfect sense. To me, the New Moon in Aries arriving on March 24, 2020 (09:28 AM UTC), at 4°12 of the sign, is a reminder that no matter the circumstances, there is never not room for manoeuvre. When all else is unavailable, we still have our agency. And in times when our agency is limited, we still have our will.

Whether it’s the will to uplift, to make an impact, to re-affirm our existence in spite of or because of everything, to keep investing in our communities with the help of technology — I may not see you, or anyone around me right now, but this doesn’t make you any less real—, nothing and no one can take it away from us. If Saturn, freshly in Aquarius — having entered the sign just two days prior—, is to teach us one thing, it’s that we can’t give up on one another. Which means that, conversely, we can’t give up on ourselves.  

Saturn in Aquarius does aspect this New Moon in the burgeoning, early degrees of the very first sign of the Zodiac, and indeed it’s like we’re stepping into a new world altogether. One where the scenarios of social dynamics, power structures, and community building might be completely altered. But we’re still here, and if we learn from this, to organize and exert self-discipline so that all of us can survive and overcome these critical times (the New Moon is also conjunct Chiron, which does put the focus on healing), we will be going nowhere. We will still be here years from now, equipped with a better civic sense, a deeper insight into our role in the collective and our responsibilities towards it, a stronger support network of alliances and friendships gathered around us. We can — still — be heroes for one another. Armed with courage and integrity.

The New Moon in Aries is ruled by Mars, exalted in the sign of Capricorn, barely separating from a conjunction with Pluto. Don’t underestimate the power of stillness, I was telling one of my long-distance sisters the other day. Sounds about right for a New Moon in Aries in times of lockdown as well. Action can be deep. Doesn’t always mean it’s visible. But even the deepest sown seed has to sprout at some point — when the timing is right, and when the flower is in season.

With the two cosmic lovers, Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Taurus, beckoning at one another from their earthly groves, feeling good about the whole process is more than a mere possibility — it’s a certainty. The more we are open to receive, to feel delectation sweeping under our skin and across our veins, to consecrate this new beginning to pleasure, self-care and tangible, voluptuous acts of love and self-love, the deeper the motivation, the more charged the power of our intent. Duties and responsibilities towards our future and the future of our community don’t have to feel smothering. Not if we make sure our cup is overrunning first.

The Nodal Axis is also emphasized at this time. In fact, the New Moon in Aries sits halfway between the Nodes. A fork in the road. In a way, its significance is hilariously obvious, one of those moment that makes you think that the Universe is indeed fluent in sarcasm. Stay home. No shit. But also, let this — whatever this is for you — make you softer, more open, more attuned with the tidal waves of feelings. Allow yourself to wear your heart on your sleeve for everyone to see. This is how we recognize one another, and bond with one another. So we can be heroes for one another.

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Photo by Gabriel Bassino on Unsplash.


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