New Moon in Aquarius. Picture by Min An on Pexels.

New Moon in Aquarius, February 11, 2021 — Stuck Together Pieces

A novilune has come and gone today, in the airy cradle of Aquarius, at 19:05 UTC, 23 degrees and 16 minutes into the sign, co-present with the solemn, impressive line-up of planets currently occupying the sign of the Water Bearer, staring unblinkingly at one another. At this time, Mercury is also in the thick of their Retrograde journey, rendering the Dark of the Moon an especially contemplative time.

Not quite a new beginning. Perhaps a new ending. An unveiling, unravelling, untangling of sorts. Biting, chewing and spitting out. Transiting Mars in Taurus is five degrees away from forming a perfect square to the Sun and Moon catching up in the skies for their monthly union, friction and tension gnawing at the two luminaries like sharp teeth. Or like ruminating thoughts of turmoil.

More than anything, I think that our own co-presence, as humans held by and within the same containers, is what we’re being prompted to review and reassess. What we’re bringing into these containers, and where does it come from. I’m especially thinking about the recent proliferation of plagiarism in the astrological community — especially on behalf of white, wealthy and visible personalities at the expense of BIPOC astrologers, in a way that replicates the extractive, colonizing dynamics we all know too well. I’m deeply pondering and reviewing my own way of engaging with other astrologers’ content, myself. I’m beginning to see the need to sound and write and read like myself under a whole new light —because it’s not just mine. I’m thinking about everything you erode when you swallow somebody else piece by piece. I’m seeing the connection between honing your craft through patience and accountability, and embodying both your potential and your integrity, as a form of justice towards the communities that hold you. And I know I’m merely scratching the surface with all of this.

Perhaps you’re not an astrologer. Perhaps you have no idea what I’m talking about. But I’m positive you’re part of a social unit, yourself —there are people with whom you share a sense of place, of belonging. Your people. You too, through revising and reassessing the ways in which you connect, consume and reciprocate, can help establishing new functional parameters for this new paradigm.   

Picture by Min An on Pexels.

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