Picture by Lucian Petronel Potlog on Pexels. Neptune stations Direct.

Neptune stations Direct, November 29, 2020 — Dreamlands

Neptune’s direct station on November 29, 2020, at 18°09 Pisces, could almost slip through the cracks of the current Astrology, especially with an intense Penumbral Lunar Eclipse happening in Gemini the next day (I will write about it soon). Neptune is not a loud, persuasive planet to begin with; she is the higher-pitched harmonic to the fundamental frequency, the inaudible ultrasound that paints with pulses. In fact, few entities do ‘elusive’ and ‘slippery’ as notably as Neptune.

Back in June of this year, the psychedelic god of oceans, dreams and visions stationed Retrograde. As with all outer planets’ Retrograde cycles, Neptune retrograde is not as relevant as the rarer retrograde cycles of faster moving planets: approximately, Neptune is retrograde 40% of the time, once per year for about five months.

Neptune Retrograde translates into a sub-perceptual intake of everything this wispy, gossamer planet represents. Microdosing the numinous. For some, Neptune’s apparent backward motion might have manifested as delusions being stripped away and harsh realities emerging like shells and shipwrecks after the ebbing of the tide. Fading glamour spell. Stark, harsh lighting replacing the diffused glow of reveries, illuminating obliviousness.

Neptune stationing Direct, on the other hand, is the tide flowing in and filling the voids of what has been eroded away. Not in a flagrant, glaring way, but subtly yet surely. Not quite a full blown psychedelic experience, but definitely a shift in our Neptunian dosing regimen.

Depending on the way your chart is being (or not being) impacted by the station — for instance, if Neptune is stationing on a natal placement or angle, or if you have significant placements in the within the range of 13-19 degrees of the mutable signs, give or take — you might be sensing the subtle shifts in the overall atmosphere more acutely than most. I myself (a fairly Neptunian individual) can hardly focus as I type this — my mind is continuously pulled towards daydreaming, and dwelling over things that have nothing to do with mundane reality. I am also experiencing a sense of boundaries between the living, the dead and the deities being exceptionally porous, almost nonexistant. It’s like existing in a liminal space and condition, not quite ‘here’ nor ‘there’. When planets are stationing, their energy is intensified, but, in the case of Neptune in particular mode, not everybody is affected in the same way.

If you are, know that this is temporary. This space in-between things vanishing away and new energy flowing in is where you can entertain new possibilities, re-enchant your present, create energetic connections with imagined futures. There are parts of ourselves that can only be healed through dreaming.

Picture by Lucian Petronel Potlog on Pexels.

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