Virgo Moon. Image by Aaron Burden from Unsplash.

The Inner Life of the Virgo Moon

As someone with a natal Virgo Moon, you have a hidden side that is discreet and analytical. Taking in all the information from your surroundings and systematizing it is crucial in order for you to feel safe.

Your emotional life is as honest, and discreet as the sign your Moon occupies, but also with its same earthy consistency; you’re aware of the connection between within and without, above and below, and are thus able to influence one through the other.

You can be secretive about your feelings and even prone to rationalizing them to some extent, but this doesn’t mean that you are an emotionally unavailable type or that you lack empathy: on the contrary, you can be extremely receptive, and this can easily translate into emotional overwhelm. Discernment and a certain analytical streak are your means of coping with the intensity of your feelings. 

A simple, tidy environment is where you feel secure; a clean living space makes for a positive influence on your inner state. Safe routines, organization and precision soothe your Soul; running errands and managing the details of your life can exert a profoundly calming effect on you. 

You’re strongly geared towards service and experience emotional self-validation when being useful and helping others, but you don’t appreciate being taken for granted – although, because of your humble and willing nature, you may set yourself up for it in some instances.

You nurture yourself and others through practical gestures, often asking nothing in return, for you tend to shy away from the spotlight and feel uncomfortable when drawing attention to yourself.

For the same reason, you don’t handle other people’s petty or exaggerate emotions very well, and get along with people who respect your inner gentleness without taking advantage of your good will. When heavily stressed out or upset, you might feel compelled to nag, criticize, tweak and fix people and/or things, and even bottle up your emotions.

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