Taurus Moon. Photo by Kunal Shinde on Unsplash

The Inner Life of the Taurus Moon

Earthy, fixed Taurus exalts the Moon; both the celestial body that rules nourishment and emotions and the Venusian sign of comfort and delight share a common understanding of the human experience. Your Taurus Moon makes it easy for you to get in touch with your emotions and feel them moving through your body.

Your emotional Life unfolds slowly, at its own pace; your emotions tend to be consistent and generally stable, since the transitions between one mood and the next are usually not too brusque and alienating. This allows you to stay centered and to process your emotions in a way that is grounded and embodied.

These lasting, profound feelings are paired with a keen awareness of your own sensuality and an affinity with the pleasures of the senses: indulging soothes you emotionally, and you are emotionally sustained by anything that soothes and stimulates your body, from sex to good food. Once you find something or someone that makes you feel nourished, it’s hard for you to let go.

This overall disposition may often translate to a fixity of emotional patterns and a deep-seated stubbornness: you canโ€™t be pushed (or rushed) into anything, and will often persist and stick with something even long after everyone else has given up.

Nurturing the people you love and trust comes naturally, and your loved ones tend to appreciate your loyalty, dependable presence and calm demeanor; in order to show them that you care, you may feel compelled to spoil them with gifts and to express your affection through physical, tangible acts of Love.

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