Natal Moon in Scorpio. Picture by Andre Hunter on Unsplash.

The Inner Life of the Scorpio Moon

A Scorpio Moon is a hungry Moon. As far as essential dignity is concerned, Scorpio is the sign of the Moon’s depression, or fall: there is a brooding, voracious quality to this lunar placement.

Being Scorpio a Fixed Sign, your moods possess a marked staying power — generally speaking, you’re not one to swing back and forth between one mood and the other, and states of inner turmoil can especially linger for long.

You need time to brood, to revel in the darkest places of your heart sometimes, so that you can come back strengthened and empowered. Your emotional needs are intense, and you are starkly aware of them and of your very own emotional depth; yet, the experience of your own emotional privacy being violated might have originated a suspicious, vaguely paranoid attitude.

In Scorpio, the Moon is tasked with operating from a place of abysmal depth that might be hard to access for you.

For this reason, you might also feel challenged in expressing your lunar qualities. Your relationship with your emotions is mainly instinctual, primal, visceral, with little to no intellectual rationalization; you may not have a proper, inner monologue from an intellectual standpoint, but when your emotions they arise, you feel them in a powerful, almost overwhelming way.

It’s only with time, and life experience, that you have learned to make your way through the layers of your own emotional introspection. Physical release can help you coping with your emotions; outdoor activities and alone time are a must.

If your natal Moon is in Scorpio and you’d like to explore the significance of this placement, you can book a reading with me.

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