Natal Moon in Sagittarius. Picture found on Unsplash.

The Inner Life of the Sagittarius Moon

As somebody with a natal Sagittarius Moon, you’re likely to be emotionally warm, fiery and enthusiastic, and also impatient and eager to meet your future. Too, there’s also an expansive, candid nature about your emotions: feeling emotionally free in the moment matters more to you than playing psychological games or having your way with people.

Always honest with and about your feelings, you’re playful and passionate, and likely to be optimistic and enthusiastic in your disposition, with a “live-and-let-live” attitude.

Sagittarius is an adventurous, risk-taking sign; you’re wild and free at heart, and loathe being fenced in, or being told what to feel; you feel at your most comfortable when you are expanding your horizons, whether metaphorically or literally speaking, and freshening up your perspective; conversely, you dislike the feeling of being “stuck” in a situation or place.

Physically and factually speaking, you might be a lover of the outdoors (woods, forests, beaches, mountains), and someone who loves hiking or spending time in nature; when emotionally pressured, you need to disconnect and be
free to roam. Physical activity in general, especially if practiced outdoors, also helps with keeping bad moods at bay.

Sagittarius, being Jupiter-ruled, carries a symbolism of expansion, and this translates into
the need to allow room to your feelings, to let them wander in the open spaces of the Soul. Sometimes
your emotions “expand” in the sense that they become overwhelming — but they don’t usually linger for long, and, sooner than soon, you’re ready to get back to your emotional center and a solution-oriented mindset.

You’re emotionally adaptable to changing circumstances, but you’re instinctually driven to steer clear from situations or relationships that give off a heavy, negative feeling and upset your mood. In fact, being emotionally unrestrained and spontaneous doesn’t mean that you appreciate being involved in emotional drama, and you might, in fact, feel uncomfortable in the presence of an excessive amount of emotions in the air, for it poses limits to your instinctual need for freedom.

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