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Still getting to know your natal chart? I’ve got you covered.

My natal reports are hand-typed and completely tailored to your own chart. They cover planetary placements by sign and house, as well as the aspects between them, with rising sign and nodes as well. This is a basic report, but its in-depth insight can be useful for experts and newbies alike.

22 €
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Reports are delivered only after the payment. Payments are to be made with PayPal. Once the payment is sent, please e-mail me at cristina [at] zodiacpoetryastrology [dot] com with the name and birth data of the person the report is for. I normally deliver the report within 1 week (10 days if I’m especially busy).

If any information is missing, I will be unable to proceed and therefore refund your purchase as I do not rectify birth charts.

Should you notice an issue with your purchase, please drop me a line at cristina [at] zodiacpoetryastrology [dot] com.