Leo Moon. Photo by Patrick Henry on Unsplash.

The Inner Life of the Leo Moon

If you have a Leo Moon in your birth chart, you are very likely to need recognition and validation in order to feel safe and emotionally fulfilled. Ruled by the Sun, the life-giving luminary that signifies royalty, visibility, authority and clarity, you gravitate towards things and experiences that feel vivid and spark joy.

Your innermost, visceral need is to feel seen, witnessed, and acknowledged; there’s an inner child inside you who’s perpetually hungry for playful connection, warmth and levity. You truly shine when showered with attention and adulation, but at the same time you enjoy making others feel as cherished and appreciated as you like to feel. People and circumstances that do not allow for your full, unapologetic self-expression are quick to drain the life out of you.

Your emotional expression tends to be feisty and flamboyant, at times bordering on the dramatic; you don’t see any reason why you should contain your enthusiasm, or hold back your disappointment when you’re feeling hurt. It’s safe to say that displaying your feelings for others to see is a cathartic practice that allows you to blow off steam and return to your natural state of vibrancy.

You were born with an innate sense of dignity; loyalty, gratitude and demonstrativeness are essential requirements for you to feel safe and loved in a relationship (of any kind). Above all, Leo yearns for aliveness and excitement, so a fulfilling love life, and a partner who is attentive and demonstrative can truly soothe your primal needs.

You’re affectionate and playful, but objectivity might not be a strong suit for you, and it can be hard for you to admit a mistake. Pride can sometimes get in the way of the joyousness and buoyancy you strive to maintain in your life, but, on the other hand, your ability to celebrate yourself and others is bound to create pockets of elation and gaiety everywhere you go.

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