Picture by Rodion Kutsaev. Gemini Moon

The Inner Life of the Gemini Moon

With your airy, mutable Gemini Moon, your verbal faculties and mental vivacity are deeply influenced by your moods and feelings, which, in turn, are filtered through the fleeing, bubbly, excitable energy of this sign.

Witty and adaptable, you have a strong intellectual grasp on your emotions; you may be especially inclined to rationalize what you feel, to the point of detaching from the emotional experience; for this reason, you can come off as emotionless sometimes. However, this doesn’t mean that you lack a rich inner life, as your feeling nature is changeable and dynamic, characterized by the innate duality of the Gemini sign: your emotions are perpetually floating, and your personality is likely to swing between contemplation and light-heartedness quite rapidly and unpredictably. In spite of this pronounced dynamism, curiosity and the need for novelty are quite stable constants for you: emotional fulfillment is found through intellectual stimulation and variety.

You get bored easily, and may be in constant need of multiple outlets for your self-expression; however, your affinity with verbal expression is undeniable: your words are still the main channel through which you communicate your innermost feelings, and you’re especially receptive to the nuances and intonations in other people’s speech or written words.

You bond intimately through conversations and exchange of opinions, and talking to the individuals who are part of your inner circle soothes you and comforts you. In fact, you can be easily described as chatty and loquacious, if not gossipy, although these are traits of yourself that are more likely to emerge in familiar settings and in the presence of those with whom you feel comfortable.

Not being on good communication terms with those people, and with people in general, can affect your inner state, and make you more irritable.

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