Natal Moon in Capricorn. Image by Dyaa Eldin Moustafa on Unsplash

The Inner Life of the Capricorn Moon

The Moon is in her detriment in the sign of Capricorn. This does not mean that you are cold and unfeeling: on the contrary, certain specific emotions might be felt rather intensely, such as those who ensue after rejection, disappointment or betrayal. However, you might struggle with expressing inner needs and forming emotional connections spontaneously and with ease.

With your Moon in Capricorn, the sign of structure and boundaries, you tend to create boundaries around your emotional body, a habit that is probably a reflection of the emotional restrictions you experienced during your own upbringing. In order to feel emotionally safe, you also need situations and possibilities to be outlined clearly, otherwise feelings of insecurity and inner turmoil might arise; you feel secure when you sense solid structures and foundations around you, and when you know that your emotional boundaries are honoured.

On an intimate level, you can experience issues with trust and self-esteem, due to a difficulty in opening up that stems from a deep-seated fear of rejection. You need time to get to know other individuals in deep and realize you are truly appreciated and valued for who you really are.

You might have a hard time discussing your own issues, preferring to diligently compensate for them with a lot of inner work; you tend to set rigorous and high standards for your personal development. You are adept in parenting yourself; since you were born with an innate sense of wisdom and adulthood, you probably age ‘backwards’, emotionally speaking. You place a high emphasis on work ethics, and self-sufficiency; you strive to manage your emotions in a way that feels morally right even when they’re churning below the surface, as you are not comfortable with letting your innermost feelings hang out in public.

Following through with your ambitions and fulfilling them is something that carries strong emotional overtones for you, and you like to surround yourself with people with enough emotional integrity to match your own, who don’t stand in the way of your achievements and that, occasionally, show you that they have your back so that the emotional weight that you carry over your shoulders can be temporarily lifted.

Feeling respected in the eyes of others increases your happiness . Strong of will and ethically impeccable, you are the rock others often turn to in times of hardship, for you excel in motivating others and taking out the best in them.

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