Cancer Moon. Image by Amy Humphries on Unsplash.

The Inner Life of the Cancer Moon

Luna is in her domicile in the sign of Cancer: the celestial body that rules nourishment, emotions, fortune and our somatic experience is sovereign in the first of the Water Signs, which, in psychological terms, we could perhaps describe as the archetype of intuition and emotional intelligence.

With your Cancer Moon, you possess an acute understanding of human vulnerability, on both an emotional and physiological level. You are well aware that our bodies speak to us in cues, that our feelings need to flow and move through our limbs for us to feel healthy and grounded, and that being vocal about our needs and fears is often medicine for both our earthy vessel and our Soul.

Too, your basic needs are likely to be quintessentially Cancerian: simply put, you need to feel, to find a sense of belonging, and to experience true, unhindered, soulful intimacy. 

You’re extremely tuned in to your inner life and have an intense feeling nature; gifted with strong powers of perception, you speak the universal language of emotions and have a knack for picking up other people’s moods. From the fullest expression of these qualities comes a deep sense of inner well-being; frustration can arise if you’re forced to repress your soulful nature and smother the inherent softness of your being.

You may have a sweet disposition, partly concealed under a guarded, self-protective surface; deep down, however, you have a sheer hunger for closeness, intimacy, physical demonstrations of affection.

You may be nostalgic, and strongly impacted by your personal past, which survives in your memories as a collection of emotional impressions; depending on whatever is influencing your feelings at a given moment, your moods can fluctuate intensely.

This, like many other facets of your personality, tends to surface only after a close emotional bond is formed. More than anything, you understand what a safe space is, and the fluidity of your feeling nature can strongly benefit from trusted containers that allow you to fully, unabashedly emote.

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