Natal Moon in Aries. Picture by Marcel L. on Unsplash.

The Inner Life of the Aries Moon

With an Aries Moon, ruled by the planet Mars, your emotions are constantly on. Impetuous and vigorous, your feelings tend to be spontaneous and intense; you’re emotionally restless and quick to react, eager to have your needs met, constantly possessed by an inner, consuming passion and a burning sense of urgency.

Dealing with your inner moods stirs up a strong desire for activity; you’re more inclined to jump into action from feeling, rather than from reason, and, through taking action, you’re able to pull yourself together through
emotionally difficult times.

Not really a creature of habit, but most definitely one of impulses, you generally strive for instant gratification and might be easily wounded in your strong sense of pride; there is a competitive streak about your personality, and you derive a great emotional satisfaction from the feeling of being best at what you do, of being a pioneer of sorts in
your chosen field. And still, your emotional satisfaction doesn’t last long, because you’re continuously
looking ahead to the next challenges; you feel most invigorated when you’re starting something new.

Forceful and, sometimes, temperamental, you’re prone to sudden, stormy emotional outbursts, which fade as quickly as they rise; your inner emotional dynamism doesn’t allow to stay fixated on holding grudges. The fiery tides
of your feelings are ardent and ever-changing, with the focus on yourself as a constant element.

You feel comfortable with people who leave you be, accept you for who you are, and let you do your own thing
without trying to fence you in; you’re independent, and do not appreciate interferences of any kind in your
modus operandi.

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