Natal Aquarius Moon. Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash.

The Inner Life of the Aquarius Moon

With your Moon in the lucid, eccentric sign of Aquarius, your emotional sensitivity is crystal-clear yet disciplined by your rationality, and you have the power to rise above the chaos of emotions to disengage, avoid hurt and gain a detached perspective on things.

While you’re not entirely unfeeling, and, in fact, there may be dynamics and situations that push your emotional buttons — such as injustice and intruding your personal space —, you have the ability of keeping a cool head in uncomfortable situations.

You do have feelings, and a rich, vivacious internal life, but you probably experience and articulate them in an eccentric, unique way that not everybody is able to understand. Thoughtful and sociable, you are driven by the need of expose and explore the bigger picture. Like all people with an Air Moon, you require a great extent of mental stimulation to feel emotionally balanced and healthy; communicating in order to feel that you belong in something greater than yourself is almost a primary need for you.

You’re very skilled at verbalizing and intellectualizing your emotions, and you need to surround yourself with people who can match your level of brilliance, inner clarity and vivaciousness. You also require the uttermost respect for your personal space; clinginess, as well as drama and emotional manipulations are likely to be very off-putting to you, to say the least.

For the same reason you tend to respect other people’s space and privacy, which is part of the reason why you may be often seen as emotionally cold. In truth, you have the ability to support people emotionally, in your own unique way, by providing logical explanation on how to overcome problems. At the same time, being someone who places a high value on personal freedom, you probably try not to step anybody’s personal boundaries or interfere with their own journey.

You respond well to friendly, non-judgmental vibes from others, and probably strive to be friendly, curious and non-judgmental in your approach to people as well.

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