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Hopefully, after plumbing the depths of our inner oceans, finding treasures, chasing abysmal horrors away, and coming up for air, mind and heart are less at odds with one another. “Intellect and intuition” is less of a dichotomy, more of a synergy.

Hopefully, after mapping out the hidden, watery terrains of our psyche, getting (re-)acquainted with its strange and beautiful inhabitants, having expelled the parasitic thoughtforms that lived there rent-free, our mind feels like a safer place to be, our intuition like a trusted companion. Hopefully, the layers and nuances that make up the current circumstances are no longer baffling or confusing; now we know, they are merely a testament to the complexity of reality.

On March 10, hours after the Virgo Full Moon has shone her revealing beams of clarity upon our lives, Mercury stations direct. The direct station happens in the sign of Aquarius, at 28° degrees, where the pre-retrograde shadow started on February 2. Aquarius and Pisces seem irreconcilable, but the interstice between cerebral acumen and soulful liquidity is where magick happens. Think fully automated inspiration — the ability to call back that connection with the Divine at our own will. Think militant compassion — not just knowing that we are all One, but making sure we are all equal. Knowing that social justice and oneness consciousness are two sides of the same coin.

Pisces and Aquarius working together teach us how to harness the powers of our imagination through daring, forward-thinking brilliance. To seize those fragments of ideas that float around in the ether, and make something outstanding out of them. To embrace our vision, allow it to move through us and to enhance our future, as a collective. Hopefully, it seems less of an utopian aspiration and more like a possibility.

Mercury re-enters Pisces on March 16 and leaves the Retrograde zone on March 29, at 12° Pisces.

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