Mercury stations Retrograde. Image by Luis Quintero on Pexels.

Mercury stations Retrograde, January 30, 2021 — Saved by Old Times

Mercury stationed Retrograde, today, for the first time this year, at 26°29 degrees Aquarius. Right now, as I type, the Divine disseminator of information, transductor of impulses, carrier of echoes, is staring back into the distance, ready to retrace their steps all the way until 11° Aquarius (the pre-Retrograde shadow began on January 15).

It is sometimes said this is the time when we’re thrown into right brain-mode — thrust into the labyrinthine, adventurous recesses of creative, non-linear thinking. Too, the trickster-ish hiccups of Mercury Retrograde are widely known both within and outside astrological circles, to the point of becoming mythological tropes of sorts. In many ways, Mercury Retrograde encapsulates the notion of reversal ritual, much like Carnival to anthropologists. A suspended, subverted, reversed reality.

But mostly, as popular as astrology has become, Mercury Retrograde still retains an enigmatic quality to it. We feel compelled to remain vigilant. To be prepared. To back up and postpone and proofread. I’m not critical of this approach, by the way. (I still own a laptop I purchased while Mercury was Retrograding through my Third House; the thing is literally falling apart. Personally, it’s safe to say I won’t be buying electronic equipment while Mercury is Rx ever again.)

Still, with time, I found within me a visceral reverence for Mercury Retrograde. I want the Universe to open my eyes to what I am oblivious to. I crave that slightly morbid feeling of ploughing the same furrow over and over again, like the needle of a turntable along the spiral groove of a record I know by heart. With the sign of Aquarius being such a pivotal fulcrum in the current cosmic landscape, there is so much to unriddle and unearth when it comes to the way we’re experiencing togetherness (or lack thereof) and, generally speaking, the initiation into the collaborative, cerebral Age of Air.

I want to know where I’m going. Where we’re headed. I want to know, so that every step of the way can be intentional and aligned with what I strive to create, rather than with what I aim to dismantle. To be able to do this, course-correcting, renegotiating, excavating, is nothing short of a blessing.

Mercury stations direct on February 21, 2021.

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Image by Luis Quintero on Pexels.

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