Mercury stations Direct. Image by Daisa TJ on Pexels.

Mercury stations Direct, November 3, 2020 — Patience

Saturn is probably not the one we would want to be welcomed by on the other side of this Mercury Retrograde, ending today, with the wing-footed messenger stationing direct at 25°53 Libra. The challenging square between these two celestial bodies is once again in full effect, for the third and final time after previously peaking around September 23, denoting extra emphasis on integrity and personal responsibility in our thoughts, words and communication.

No matter how depleted or disoriented we feel after mulling over our desires, dissecting the crucial importance of the knowledge we have access to, and revising our (emergent) strategies. No matter the fatigue, the scorching desire for justice to be restored, for shedding the cocoon of an obsolete, burdensome past and witness the dawn of a new day. Dreaming new worlds into being is sacred — but stepping out of the liminal space between dream and physical, tangible reality so that our hands can shape what our Soul has envisioned is a duty.

Saturn doesn’t coddle our egos or offer us shortcuts to our goals. Saturn has zero interest in praising our endeavours. But without Saturn, there would be no stone to erect monoliths — no raw material to mold, no  building blocks to assemble. No birth canal for our gestating dreams.

As Mercury stations direct squaring Saturn in Capricorn, the taskmaster of our solar system greets us with its cold, dry demeanour, announcing that the work has barely begun, and it starts with and within us and our closest relationships — one simple interaction after another on the way to broader systemic complexity, one act of accountability at a time, repetition after repetition until we ourselves become pillars, beacons and cornerstones.

As long as Mercury lingers in the liminal space of the shadow zone, we can still expect communication wires to get crossed, interactions to challenge us and our own thinking to be more attuned to lack, limits and demerits. This is temporary, but the benefits derived from using this window of time as an opportunity to reconsider the ways in which the insights and realizations that surfaced during this 3-week process can positively impact the way we relate to others can be long-lasting.  

Mercury exits the shadow zone on November 19, at 11 degrees of Scorpio.

Image by Daisa TJ on Pexels.

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