Mercury Direct, Nov 20, 2019 – The Drapery Falls

On November 20, 2019, Mercury, planet of speech and communication, weaver of words and neural paths, walker between worlds, will station direct at 11°35 of Scorpio. He will not be alone: Mars enters the sign the day before, on November 19.

After three weeks of soul-searching, marinating, composting and unearthing, there will be realizations. There will be a deep-seated awareness about that which once merely tingled our intuition. There will be ease in saying the word and walking the talk. Most importantly: there will be no turning back, as Scorpio would have it.

Mercury stationing direct in Scorpio will prompt us to move forward will the secrecies we uncovered, the solutions to the enigma we have deciphered, the power we have retrieved; even though the energy during the days that surround a planetary station is typically rather “wobbly”, unsteady, the accelerated push of Mars entering Scorpio after little under two months of Libra fence-sitting will bring an urgency to move on, make up our minds and shift our lives back into action. Mars is not the type to take “no” for an answer, let alone Scorpio Mars.

The aspects surrounding Mercury’s direct station are also meant to ease us forward. An exact sextile between Mercury and the Moon in Virgo will help us identify the cues of our intuition and naming our feelings. Most importantly, this supportive sextile, together with a soothing trine between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, will make us truly and deeply aware of the sheer power carried by our voice.

Awareness is power in itself, like knowledge, like faith and confidence. Our words will become weapons, spells, incantations. Our intent will be focused. Our speech will be energetically charged. I see this direct station as a time for conscious affirmations and powerful self-talk. A time for stating and reaffirming our will, speaking it into existence, make meaningful decisions that will bring us back in sync with our personal path.

The key is to know what to leave behind so that we can re-invest the personal energy we are retrieving from stale, unhealthy attachments: Scorpio thrives amidst the renewal and transformation of inner as well as outer realities.

Mercury will clear the post-retrograde shadow on December 7, at 27°38′ Scorpio.

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Pictured: image by Immortal Shots on Pexels.

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