Mars enters Taurus. Painting: Le Chevalier aux fleurs, Georges-Antoine Rochegrosse, 1894

Mars enters Taurus, January 6, 2021 — Slow Down

I want to talk about planets in exile as sacred rebels, and I want to talk about this because Mars is a handful hours away from entering Taurus, the sign of its exile, the Venusian alcove of earthly delights, which means that our blazing knight will cross the path of Uranus the iconoclast (currently transiting the same sign), and clash against the incoming assembly of Aquarius planets (including, but not limited to, Jupiter and Saturn).

I want to talk about how planets in exile imply that there’s a place in the Universe for people who do not align with the status quo, people who have been excluded, othered, people who are not even remotely close to what is deemed the default. I want to talk about this in relation to Mars in Taurus, specifically, of pleasure as a revolution, of plodding along at our own pace towards the life we yearn for in a world that turned workism into a religion, sanctified cutthroat competitiveness, glorified burnout and expects us to martyrize ourselves for the sake of upward mobility.

I want to talk about Mars in Taurus because Mars has been tearing along through Aries since June 2020, coming to a screeching halt in September 2020, and then stationing direct in November. But also, and mainly, because life isn’t magically going to pick up speed, and this is something we’ll have to deal with. One thing about Mars in Taurus, though — we will be encouraged to consider, and perhaps unlearn, the conflicting messages we have internalized about productivity, efficiency and consistency. And to entertain more heretical sentiments such as pleasure as a valid driving force and motivating factor, comfort as something that can set the pace of our modus operandi, consistency as something we can redefine on our own terms. Art as something worth pursuing for the sake of it (rather than feeling pressured to monetize our spare time and turn our passions into hustle). Eroticism as fuel. Gratification as an achievement. Or the very notion itself that there’s hardly anything revolutionary about authenticity.

That being said, Mars in Taurus will still ask us to be patient, persistent, deliberate with the way we expend our energy and to do what we can afford — energetically, emotionally and physically — to keep doing. And since we’re in for the long haul, we better make this journey pleasurable and enjoy the view.

Mars leaves Taurus for Gemini on March 4, 2021.

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Painting: “Le Chevalier aux fleurs” (1894), by Georges-Antoine Rochegrosse.

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